Let's get our Capo back on his feet!

"My dear, sweet, amazing husband was in a horrible freak snowboarding accident this weekend and broke several vertebrae in his thoracic spine. He was rushed down the mountain and taken to Mercy Medical Center in Redding where neurosurgeons fixed his back. He currently doesn't have feeling below his hips, but he's regaining more feeling every day as the swelling goes down.

His surgeon said he is exactly the kind of person to make the most amazing recovery - young, fit, healthy, motivated, and POSITIVE! We believe he is going to make a full recovery. You should too. His doctors and therapists said he is already way ahead of the curve. :)

He's about to be transferred to Vallejo for a spinal rehabilitation program for the next few weeks, and then he will come home and do more therapy at home. Since we are both small, we can fit on the hospital bed together. Cuddles are very important for healing. <3 <3 <3

Please send love and uplifting thoughts his way. If you're not already friends with him, add him because he is HELLA RAD!"

~Thera Barnett

Let's get together to raise some money and support Casey Proud !

We come together as family, friends, teammates, and FC rivals, to ask you join our effort to raise money and support Casey and his wife Thera in their time of healing and recovery.

While, thankfully, insurance will limit the weight of the financial burden their family will incur, certainly there will be many out-of-pocket expenses to come. As their extended family, we can now give back to the man who's given our community so much.

Let's get our Capo back on his feet!

Our first goal is to raise $5,000

All money raised will go towards covering insurance deductibles and the inevitable need for medical equipment.

There's no telling how much their deductibles will add up to be, so this introductory goal may be a mere fraction of what Casey's family will ultimately need.

Also, since Casey and Thera's apartment is not wheelchair accessible, they will need to install an electric wheelchair stair lift which, itself, will cost over $4,000.

Please make your contribution at www.youcaring.com/caseyproud

Thank you!

For those of you who don't yet know Casey,

Casey has has dedicated years of his time and rich enthusiasm to developing several soccer supporter communities across San Francisco. Casey generously serves as a capo, advocate, and community organizer for the following local soccer supporter groups.

Casey is our Capo!

A Capo is a selfless leader. A capo is the man, with his back to the pitch, who brings the fight on the field to the fans in the stands. A capo is a man who tames the roar of the crowd, orchestrating it into a thunderous fight song. He waves a flag. He bangs a drum. He stomps his feet. His shoulders are adorned with a scarf that bare the colors of his allegiance. He is a general. He is a brother in arms. He is a friend.

American Outlaws (US National Teams)

"If you have watched at US National Team match with the San Francisco American Outlaws anytime in the last few years, undoubtedly you've heard the constant singing and rhythmic cowbell banging coming from its leader, Casey Proud. Since taking over as President of the San Francisco chapter in 2014 Casey has striven to bring his passion and dedication of not only the game of soccer, but also of the people in the community to US matches. And you couldn't ask it of a friendlier person. Whether at a viewing party at the pub or on a bus to a live match somewhere in California Casey is always there is a song in his heart and a smile on his face."

~Clinton Becker

Northsiders (SF City FC)

"Casey has been a passionate member of SF City FC since it became a supporter-owned club. He is a dedicated advocate for supporters, and leader and capo for the Northsiders, and one of the friendliest people in our ranks. He has also served on our board of directors for two years. In those two years, he has been the leader of our community service efforts, personally contributing many hours himself, while organizing over 300 hours of service in 2016 alone."

~Joachim Steinberg

Fog City Faithful (Seattle Sounders)

"Casey’s been a long-time, hardcore supporter of the Fog City Faithful, the NorCal regional supporters group of the Seattle Sounders soccer team. Our four-year-old group has Casey’s fingerprints all over it! He’s been an organizer, a cheerleader, a capo both in the stands and in the pubs, and a face and a voice for local Seattle fans to feel a little bit at home when watching the Sounders play a match broadcast on TV in a local bar. When the Sounders come South to play the San Jose Earthquakes at Avaya Stadium, Casey is front and center before the matches, leading the march to the match, banging a loud drum, leading songs, dancing up a storm, and warming our hearts and our spirits. When the Emerald City Supporters/Fog City Faithful section fills at Avaya Stadium, Casey is loud, proud, and filled with boundless energy and a never ceasing smile, working up a sweat just like the men on the pitch wearing Seattle’s Rave Green jerseys. Casey helped guide our Seattle Sounders viewing parties in SF for 3 years and occasionally visited our Mountain View contingent as well, and our gatherings were never louder, prouder, or felt more like being back at CenturyLink Field in Seattle. When Casey comes, we all sing! His love of all things soccer and his support for the Bay Area soccer community are legends. All Fog City Faithful members have fond feelings for Casey, and we wish him a full and speedy recovery!"

~Brian Haberly