World Summit on

Case Reports

Mar 16-17-2020 Hong Kong

Theme: ‘Implications of Case Reports in Medical Development’


“The good physicians treat the disease; the great physicians treat the patient who has the disease.”- William Osler

Conference Series Ltd welcomes you to attend the International Meeting on Case Reports during Mar 16-17-2020 Hong Kong. We cordially invite all the participants who are interested in sharing their knowledge and research in the arena of International Meeting on Case Reports.

Yearning behind "World Summit On case reports 2019" is to give stage to the youthful just as experienced specialists, teachers, researchers, modern experts, and so on where they can contribute their insight and their encounters in handling with the uncommon cases the managed recent years. The principle object is to light up the eventual fate of medication and human services framework, with the goal that the cases which were accounted for in the distinctive zones of the world would not make plague once more. This meeting unconditionally welcomes the clinicians, scientists, world Leaders and specialists from clinical organizations and industry from all around the world who have vanquished in their individual restorative fields, to examine the effect of case investigates the clinical prescription. This gathering offers the open door for worldwide systems administration with scholastic establishments, clinical research associations.

What is a Case Report?

In the field of restorative or clinical examination, a case report covers the signs, manifestations, conclusion, treatment and the further subsequent meet-ups. Case reports are here and there related with the statistic reports, yet these are the genuine profiles of the restorative happenings and include the disclosure of either new malady or new treatment. Case reports are critical in restorative training as they give a structure to case-based learning and execution of the cases in their calling. A case report significantly reveals the singular parts of a therapeutic or careful case and gives clear clinical and instructive noteworthiness in drug given its quick commitments to logical writing and clinical practice. Other than its accentuation on arbitrary clinical preliminaries, confirm based prescription, foundational audits and meta-investigations, case reports give a novel and excellent information in medicinal training. They are related with giving the progressed logical learning and furthermore give applicable examination configuration in the event that or exceptionally uncommon illnesses.

Who are Attending Clinical Conferences?

1. We are looking for audits from different specializations, for example, Gastroenterology, Hepatology, Paediatrics and immature prescription and General Surgery.

2. Understudies from different fields, for example, Medicine, Pharmacy, and Clinical Research Centres.

3. Specialists from different orders like virologist, microbiologists, disease transmission experts, pharmacologists will lean toward going to Clinical Research Conferences to display their examination

Advantages of going to Case Reports Meeting:

1. A chance to meet coaches over the world up close and personal.

2. Sharing thoughts difficulties and plan something intriguing for what's to come.

3. Learning with individuals who have similar premiums.

4. We get the chance to have educators, pose inquiries and talk something which is intriguing that we are enthusiastic about.