CASAN - Chittenden Asylum Seekers Assistance Network

Welcoming people - one family at a time.

We are a volunteer group of interfaith individuals and people of good will in Chittenden County, Vermont, who have come together to assist people seeking asylum in our community.

Since 2019, the Chittenden Asylum Seekers Assistance Network (CASAN) has assisted numerous families from different countries who are in Chittenden County while they are in the legal process of seeking asylum. After fleeing life-threatening situations in their country of origin, asylum seekers face a years-long legal process. While they wait, asylum seekers are not immediately allowed to work, nor are they eligible for many benefits.

CASAN has stepped up to fill this gap, providing assistance according to each family or individual’s situation. This assistance may include:

  • financial support for daily living expenses

  • help with finding housing

  • providing transportation

  • advocacy

  • connection to local resources and services

CASAN aims to welcome new community members with support and friendship.

Save the date

CASAN's next quarterly update meeting will be held April 27th on Zoom. Details and registration coming soon.


A family CASAN supports recently received a donated car. It has made a big difference in their lives! Now another asylum seeking family is in need of a car. If you have a used vehicle to donate or to sell at an inexpensive price, please reach out to More details about this need are on our Current Needs page.

Thank you very much for your consideration!

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