About Us

Cary-Grove Booster Club Mission

- To promote understanding between parents and school personnel.

- To foster public consciousness of the academic, athletic, drama, music, and other activities of Cary-Grove High School.

- To promote courtesy and good sportsmanship on the part of participants and spectators of all activities.

- To support the extension of school activities approved by the staff of Cary-Grove High School in a manner agreeable to them, and consistent with school policy.

- To encourage attendance and participation in all activities of the Cary-Grove High School. To give due recognition to activity participants as Members of the Club see fit, within the bounds of Illinois High School Association.


President ----- Lori Ruhland-----Email

Vice President ----- Kristen Fadden-----Email

Treasurer ----- Moira Roe-----Email

Secretary ----- Beth Rice-----Email

Special Projects ----- Erin Jones/Renee Splitt-----Email

Spiritwear ----- Kassy Pinter/Catherine Leonard-----Email

Outdoor Concessions ----- Sharon Miller/Doreen Burns-----Email

Communications ----- Julie Deischer/Nicki Taylor-----Email

Outdoor Concession Volunteers ----- Kristen Lewis-----Email

Indoor Concessions ----- Kelly Zurzolo/Debbie Leineberg -----Email

Membership ----- Missi Brezina-----Email

Fundraising ----- Cat Barnes-----Email