Cartoons and Comics

Why cartoons are great

Cartoons are a great way to add interest and spice to life. No content is really complete in the modern world unless it has engaging and relevant images to supplement the written material.

Therefore, it is really important to add cartoons to content in order to make it more interesting.

Cartoons, in particular are great because:

  • They keep readers engaged.
  • They make people keep scrolling down the page.
  • They are incredible at making your content stand out.
  • They build trust among an audience
  • They keep readers wanting more every time they leave your site.

There is really no substitute for cartoons. They make a great addition to any online or printed content.

Who uses cartoons?

While it might seem to some as though cartoons are an outdated medium, the world of business and education is full of the need for cartoons. Teachers, educators, and business professionals are probably among the people who use cartoons the most. Teachers often include cartoons in their lesson plans and in-class presentations because cartoons have a way of getting right the point and explaining a concept in a way that simple lecture format cannot.

Furthermore, using cartoons as a teaching aid is a great way to keep students engaged with the lesson who otherwise may find it difficult to concentrate or stay up to snuff with the course.

How cartoons add interest to written content

Now more than ever, the web is image and video driven. Most people no longer possess the attention span necessary to really peruse written content without stopping to view a video or look at a graphic. Much more than stock photos or infographics, cartoons can engage an audience in many unique ways. For example:

  • Cartoons build trust because humor and truth are intrinsically linked.
  • Cartoons make readers remember an enjoyable experience on your site. Everyone loves to laugh!
  • When someone is laughing at a funny joke, they are in a receptive state. This means they are more likely to absorb the rest of your content.

There are innumerable ways in which cartoons can benefit the readability and quality of written content. Getting feedback from your readers about which cartoons they liked can help gauge the effectiveness of the cartoons you choose to include.

Where to find cartoons to download online

There are many places online that where you can search and download cartoons. Humoresque Cartoons is probably the best place to find funny cartoons to download for presentations, marketing, and newsletters. It is very affordable to get a license for online or print use for cartoons. Many cartoons can also be found at cartoon databases like Cartoonstock where there are a wide variety of licenses that can be obtained.

Regardless of how you choose to use cartoons, it is important to keep in mind that artists' work is generally copyrighted and not available for free use. Licensing cartoons is how many artists make a living, so it is up to those who benefit from using their cartoons to pay them the royalties they deserve. And honestly, if you are using a cartoon for blogs, social media, or even commercial websites, the prices are very affordable. A license on Humoresque Cartoons, for example, can be as little as $12 for unlimited online use.

cartoon by loren fishman

How to find the right cartoon for my website

Make sure to search around the web in order to find the right cartoon that matches your content and intentions. You want the cartoon to illustrate and enhance the meaning of your article, and make the point even stronger.

Searching on YouTube for samples of cartoons you may be able to share and download is also a good idea. The video below shows a slideshow of some of the most popular business cartoons that are available for presentations and blog articles.

Cartoons can make the difference between engaging and boring content

Always keep in mind that in order to have successful content that people actually want to read, you are going to need it to be engaging. Things like stock photos and icons have been used millions of times and will not make your content stand out in the crowd. The only way to make really lasting and engaging content is to be original.

Adding funny cartoons to your content may be the first step towards achieving your goals.