About Our Research

Post-translational modification of protein substrates serves as a dynamic biochemical mechanism to alter and regulate protein function. The transmission of cellular signals through the chemical modification of proteins is a tightly regulated process that cells rely on in order to function properly. Not surprisingly, misregulation of these processes is a hallmark of pathophysiology and disease. In the Carter-O'Connell lab we are focused on using biochemistry to uncover the role of one such modification, ADP-ribosylation, in both normal human physiology (cell development, signal transduction, gene regulation) and disease (such as cancer). We aim to couple a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that govern ADP-ribose transfer in the cell to the biological outcomes of normal and malignant ADP-ribose signaling.

About Us

The Carter-O'Connell lab is a part of the Chemistry and Biochemistry Department at Santa Clara University. We are devoted to training the next generation of researchers at the undergraduate level. As such, our team is comprised of students that are tasked with mastering a plethora of skills in the fields of biochemistry, systems, cellular and molecular biology.

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