Carrollwood Florist

Fresh Flowers for All Occasions

There are several online florists that specialize in taking orders and delivering bouquets across the miles. That is a great service when necessary, but there is no replacement for the opportunity to go to a local florist and pick out an arrangement. In order to save time, take a look online to browse offered arrangements, but remember that a customized arrangement can also be made upon request. Call ahead and discuss what is desired with the florist in Tampa.

Occasions Specifically Associated with Flowers

Flowers are never a wrong choice for any gift-giving occasion, or just because it is Tuesday. There are occasions where flowers are almost essential. Weddings and funerals, for example, are occasions where flowers are prominent. Buying flowers for Valentine's Day is a big deal for most people. Roses are traditional but can also be expensive, especially at that time of year.

Alternatives to Roses

Valentine's Day Flowers do not have to be deep red roses. It is possible to get beautiful and fragrant Valentine's flowers without spending a small fortune. Red roses are the most popular flower because they are the clearest way to express undying love and devotion. That is great, but there are many more sentiments that are appropriate and even more special on that day.

A colorful bouquet of different types of flowers can convey admiration for a fun-loving spirit. Giving significant others their favorite flower means you care enough to focus on the details of what makes them happy. Flowers the same as those carried on the wedding day is a way of saying you would marry that person all over again. Be creative, put a great deal of thought into the final selection, and spend what is available, not what is dictated by marketing professionals.


Many people are not partial to flowers because they can only last a short period of time. A potted plant will last for years with proper care. A healthy plant can represent a healthy relationship. It needs some work from time to time, but with a little attention and effort can flourish indefinitely.

This alternative is available in all sizes, container options, and variations. The plant can be one that flowers, or one that has interesting leaves. A cactus garden is a delightful choice, as is a bonsai tree. There is one element to keep in mind before arriving with a live plant. Some plants are harmful to pets. Check with the florist before making a final selection if a furry friend is involved.