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Plush and Lush: 3 Compelling Reasons to Install Carpet

With such a wide array of flooring options available today, it’s often difficult to figure out what to install in a home. One of the biggest debates that homeowners face is the decision between carpet or hardwood. There are some who may wonder what benefits carpet offers over other types of flooring.

While each flooring product has both pros and cons, there’s a reason why the Carpet Store Atlanta is still so popular. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of carpet and why it is such as smart investment for any home.


While hard surfaces, such as hardwood have been featured in a wide array of design magazines in recent years, carpet offers a more unique style that many people appreciate. From elegant and luxurious to comfy and casual, carpet can help create an entirely new “feel” in any space. Consider installing a long frieze for a casual looking space or a patterned, short-pile carpet for more formal rooms.


Most people have noticed that when they spend a long time standing or walking over concrete or ceramic tiles, their body may feel achy and sore. Hard surfaces are just as the name implies – hard. They don’t offer much flexibility when underfoot. As a result, they lack the ability to absorb the shock of a person’s footsteps. What does this mean? That when a person walks across a hard surface floor, their body is going to jolt. However, this doesn’t happen with carpet.

In fact, when carpet is installed, it’s nice to lay, sit, and walk on. Carpet offers superior levels of absorption thanks to its flexibility and the cushioning. Not only is carpet more comfortable to touch, but it is also easier on the body when someone is walking or standing on it for an extended period of time.

When it comes to carpet, there is no question that it offers more than a few benefits. More information about this can be found by visiting a Carpet Store Marietta. Being informed is the best way to ensure that a person installs the right type of flooring in their home.