Pro Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be done by both traditional and modern methods. The main purpose of this practice is to beautify, remove dirt, stains, sand, grit, and allergens. Clean carpets as compared to poorly maintained carpets are recognized by manufacturers as being more pleasing, long-lasting, and healthier. With the development in technologies, chemical developers have created new carpet care. These include, green technologies and encapsulation which work more efficiently and are easier to use. They do not require professionalism as they involve less training, saving time and money and again are less re-soiling than the previous methods.

Methods used by carpet cleaning companies

• Hot water Extraction. It is a portable equipment unit that is plugged into an electrical truck or outlet and it requires long hoses going to the room from the truck. It is advantageous as it can be used in absence of electricity.

• Dry cleaning. This method rely on specialized machines .e.g. ones manufactured by Host Dry, Brush and Clean and also Whittaker System. They are faster and require less labor compared to wet-extraction systems.

• Bonnet cleaning. It is a method used for short piled carpets.

Services by carpet cleaning companies

Most carpet cleaning companies have specialized in more than just cleaning of carpets. Upholstery cleaning, tile cleaning are other services offered.

i. In the kitchens. Many kitchens are blanketed by tiled flooring that brings an amazing look but not easy to clean. In most cases mold grow if liquid spilled onto unsealed tiles and discoloring of food leaving permanent stain. Tile jobs need professional cleaning and most of these carpet cleaning companies offer this service.

ii. Cleaning vehicle's carpet. It may seem less important but cleaning your vehicle carpet and seats brings out the difference between loved vehicles, looked-after car and a well maintained one. The benefit of clean car interior give far much better to the time consumed carrying out this task.

iii. Carpet cleaning companies also train its employees in vent cleaning and air ducts cleaning. In most cases, air ducts and dryer vents are unattended by owners. Filth that gathers up in vents and air ducts can be hazardous as it starts affecting the air quality at some point. Most of these companies are licensed in air duct cleaning services hence ensuring that they improve the quality of indoor air at homes.

iv. Upholstery cleaning. When one has kids or pets, frequently hosting friends and family, the upholstered furniture gets workout. Food crumbs, germs, pollen and dust cannot be avoided. Thus, the cleaning company takes responsibility of making sure that upholstered furniture is clean and this extends life of the furniture, and healthy kids and pets.

Help by carpet cleaning companies to customers

No need to strain moving furniture. Before cleaning of carpets, the cleaners move the furniture out of the room before and after cleaning. Once the carpets are dry, furniture is moved to their respective places at no extra charges.

Saves time. When an individual decides to clean their carpet, move furniture, fill and empty the tanks, carry and clean equipments once done and vacuum all of the carpet takes a lot of time compared to a professional.

Improves air quality in homes. Vacuuming only removes surface dust and dirt, leaving embedded pounds of grime in the carpet fibers. Professional carpet cleaner uses powerful machine which eliminates unseen dry contaminants therefore, improving quality of air in the interior of your home