Carpet Repair

Carpet Repair: Denver, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock

Whether you have an unsightly burn, tear, open seam or ripples throughout your home, you can rely on Pink's to take care of all your carpet repair needs. Hate those annoying ripples? Call us to come out and stretch your carpet for you. Got pet damage? We can take care of that too. With over 25 years of carpet repair experience, trust that Pink's will make it right again and guarantee the work. If our carpet patches or carpet repairs fail, then so do we and we just can't have that. Therefore, we give a lifetime guarantee on repairs. If for any reason our repairs fail, give us call back and will fix it again for free. Yes, even if it's been 5 years since the repair. Lifetime guarantee makes us the right choice for carpet repair in Denver.

Carpet Repair Denver

This carpet repair in Denver was due to a cat getting locked in a bedroom. Mr. Snuggles is a spoiled cat and the homeowner's bedroom door got shut while the cat was in the room. He tried to dig his way out. Looks like new, right?

Carpet Repair Aurora

This is a carpet repair in Aurora that was done not too long ago with a similar story to Mr. Snuggles only this time it was a dog. Similar story, dog gets locked in room and tries to dig his way out. Another carpet repair that makes the carpet look new again.

Carpet Repair Highlands Ranch

We don't get a whole lot of calls to do repairs on stairs, but when we do, it's ALWAYS caused by a dog. This carpet repair in Highlands Ranch was the result of an untrained dog that like to chew. For some reason he was addicted to the first step and would literally eat the carpet and get sick. Looks new again, right?

Carpet Repair Castle Rock

Another pet damaged carpet in desperate need of repair. Also, another Mr. Snuggles-like story only this time the cat's name is Anubis. Same thing, got locked in the room and started digging. This is why you should choose us for carpet repair in Castle Rock.