Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning: Denver, Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock

Take a look at some of the before and after pictures from some of the carpet cleaning jobs we've done. All of these jobs required rotary jet extraction in order to make them look as good as they do. Rotary jet extraction makes 360 cleaning passes per minute and cleans much deeper and more thoroughly than any other method. If you're carpet is totally trashed, give us call to clean it and make it look like new again. Truck mounted deep steam extraction with rotary jet deep scrub and rinse is the best carpet cleaning method and will amaze you. Don't forget our guarantee.

Carpet Cleaning Denver

This carpet cleaning in Denver was for a family of four. The couple had 2 younger children. One drank from a "sippie" cup and the other a bottle and of course, both leaked on the carpet while the children were playing. We used rotary jet extraction to make this carpet look new again and of course we gained another lifetime customer.

Carpet Cleaning Aurora

This carpet cleaning in Aurora was for and elderly couple with 2 small poodles. The poodles were good about not urinating on the carpet, but they play outside and bring in a lot of dirt to the carpet. This is a berber carpet that required rotary jet extraction to get it to look new again and remove all the oils and soils left by the two poodles.

Carpet Cleaning Highlands Ranch

This carpet cleaning in Highlands Ranch was for the entire upstairs. However, most of it was not bad at all, except for the stairs. The whole downstairs is tile so the stairs are the first carpet that people step on and it collected all the food grease, oils from parking lots, garage floor dirt, etc.

Carpet Cleaning Castle Rock

This carpet cleaning in Castle Rock was a doozy! The homeowner's dogs got into a fight and one killed the other. This is the spot where the poor dog died and bled all over the carpet. We were able to remove all the blood using rotary extraction and an oxidizer to remove the color left behind. Another lifetime customer gained.