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Carpets are an amazing way to improve the interior design of your house. The great variety in which they come in can accommodate whatever taste that you might have. However, the aesthetic enhancement they come with can be greatly diminished by stains. When such stains come up, your beautiful carpet is just not the same anymore. As such, you will have to find a carpet cleaning Baltimore md to help you with the predicament. The services in the metropolitan are unrivalled, especially when it comes to the carpet cleaning Columbia md services.

However, instead of going out looking for carpet cleaning Columbia professionals, there is a lot that you can actually do on your own. There are number of stains that you can easily remove in the comfort of your home and save on the cost of calling a hired cleaner. Therefore, if you are the kind to do things yourself around the house, then you are in luck. This article will take through numerous stain types and how you can get rid of them and restore your carpet to earlier glory.

Stain Types

The best way to get good at cleaning stains, is by first understanding the stain type that you are facing. When it comes to such stains, there are usually two kinds of stains. They are:

1)Water Soluble Stains-

these are stains that are actually able to be removed with liquid substances as they can dissolve in water. They are simple and easy to get rid of. They include stains from feces, jelly, milk, mud, latex paints and others.

2)Insoluble Carpet Stains-

these are the other kinds of stains that are a bit stubborn as they do not dissolve cleaning solvents. Not to worry though, they are still easy to remove if you do it right. Some of them include gum, grease and other oil based stains.

3)Combination Carpet Stains-

these are what you could called hybrid stains. They are caused by agent that have both soluble and insoluble properties. As such, you will need to clean them with a combination of both methods.

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The Following Are Ways To Remove The Most Common Stains In Each Of The Above Categories:

Water Soluble Stains

Pet Stains

Pet stains are some of the most common soluble stains that are found in most households. The common type here is obviously pet urine and feces. These can be quite annoying when you get home to find. Sometimes, you might even think of evicting your pet for violating tenancy rules, or even decide to get a trainer to teach them how to handle their business without ruining your décor. But, before you do all this, you will need to know how to get rid of them as best as you can. All you need to do is get a pet stain cleaner. The soluble kind will help you remove the stains without necessarily spreading it further. In case the stains have become hardened, then you need moisten it first. Once done, you can use vinegar to get rid of any nasty residual odours that the stains usually leave behind.

Insoluble Carpet Stains


There are just those guests that just piss you off. Despite the common knowledge that gum stains carpets, some just won’t get that between their ears. On the other it could be some of those stubborn kids that always forget. Whatever the case, there is hope to save your carpet from these stains. First of all, you need to harden the gum so that it is easy to remove without smearing it more. To harden, you can use ice cubes. Once they are as hard as possible, you can now chip the gum off the carpet. If there are any residuals, you should use dry solvents such as baking powder for finishing touches.

Oil Based Carpet Stains

These are usually very stubborn and to most without the knowhow, might seem impossible to get rid of. Some of the stains come from lipsticks, car oil and even margarine. To get these cleaned, first, spray some baking powder over the stain. The powder should absorb the moisture from the oily stain so that you can easily remove it. Ensure that you let it stay on the stain for about 15 minutes first. Once this is done, you can easily vacuum the stain off.

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Combination Stains


Cleaning blood stains is a bit easier. All you need to do is use cold water. The cold water is recommended as it will help not coagulate the blood such that it enters deeper into the carpet. Combine the cold water with a liquid detergent. On application, you can use a dry cloth to blot dry the stain from the carpet.


With coffee stains, you need to find dedicated stain remover detergent and clean it out of the carpet gently. Try not to rub it around and spread. Once done, you can pour some water and pat dry the area with paper towels. Lastly, use baking powder to absorb any excess moisture and after a couple of minutes vacuum the powdered area.

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