Out Of The Storm

When a stalker becomes obsessed with Isabelle and murders women to get her attention, her confidence is shaken. Isa takes refuge at her family's lake cabin in rugged Northwestern Ontario. Little does she know how much her life is about to change. Alec Reed is at the lake to rebuild his family's cabin and to make peace with the family tragedy that happened years before. He's on track-finishing up with the remodel, and ready to return to his flourishing business in Calgary until a  pesky female shows up with her lovable dog at the cabin on the other side of the lake. She manages to capsize her canoe, blame him for ungentlemanly behaviour, and then throws everything off kilter. Falling in love with a cop was not on his agenda, especially a cop who can't stay out of trouble. When Isa goes missing, Alec realizes there is only one thing he can do: find her. But in doing so, they have to face their feelings for each other. Can they overcome the differences?

Out Of Focus

While searching for two missing young women, Mags and her partner Hank uncover an extensive trafficking and crime ring. Meanwhile, Charlie Mahone is brought out of retirement from the Canadian military to find a lost soldier suspected of seeking revenge on the man who killed his family.

When their paths cross, the sparks threaten to derail both of their invesgtigations. Mags soon realizes that Charlie's story goes much deeper than what he lets on. She needs to stop the killer before more lives are lost, and Charlie needs to stay out of her way. She has no time for love, no matter how chiselled its jawline. But to break the crime ring that strangles her city, they will need to work together, and that requires something she doesn't give easily: Trust. 

Out of Focus is book two of the WPS (Winnipeg Police Service) series and, was awarded the readers favourite 5 star review.

Out Of The Blue

Carol Ahse's next novel, Out Of The Blue, will be coming soon to a bookstore or libray near you.

"A solid, sexy thriller that should appeal to romance and crime-drama fans alike."

                                                                                                                   - Kirkus Review, Out of the Storm

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