Actor | Composer 

"...I love all forms of Art, from music to cinema, from photography to cooking, from the paintings of Van Gogh to free kicks from Pirlo..."

Il Valzer delle Nuvole

IL VALZER DELLE NUVOLE is a short romance film about the story of Michele, a young pianist, who composes music sitting at the piano. It's a dark night and he finds a girl who leads him in an improvised waltz before starting a "white night" ...

But, who is the Girl? ...or, maybe, "what" is the Girl?

What happens between the two takes place on a thin line between dream and reality, but can dreams remain closed in the drawer?

This short film saw me for the first time author and director: the idea was born suddenly, two days before the expiry of the announcement, on a starry evening at the end of July.

It was shot in just two nights, during the Social World Film Festival (as required by the rules) by my crew: Antonio Porcaro and Tiziana Miccio. And yes, the short film was shot, edited and finalized by us in just three days! Even the music.

The short has been awarded as Best Work at the Young Film Factory (Social World Film Festival) and screened and awarded at the 72nd Cannes Film Festival.It was shot with:

Sony a7s II;

Samyang t1.5 24mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm;

Sennheiser MKE 600;

Tascam DR100MarkIII

Edited in Adobe Premier Pro CC

My Compositions

I released my first album of original piano solo "#LoveWins", on March 2017. 

On December 2018 I published "Mama" a series of compositions that go in search of simple things, of the principle, of the essential. "Home", one of the track of this album has been included in the compilation "Create for Kids", created by Save The Children. 

The single "Il Valzer delle Nuvole", also the soundtrack of the short has been added to "Classic New Releases" from Spotify's Editors.

I write soundtrack for web series, shorts, films and theatrical shows.

"DNA" is my last song, written during the #stayathome period: I was inundated with images of the Coronavirus, doctors, chemical labs, hypotheses on vaccines and treatments and I simply imagined my DNA. I imagined it made of Music.

I like working with Emotions because they create and transform us, for better or for worse, but in any case they allow us to Be!