Managing Behaviour


  • Carlton is a school where learning is optimised and students feel safe.
  • everyone needs to develop self discipline and to accept responsibility for their own actions. Growth, self discipline and responsibility are enhanced by providing an environment where appropriate behaviours are recognised and celebrated so students have increasing opportunity to make positive decisions and choices.
  • the safety and well-being of each individual student is a priority. No individual student’s rights shall over-ride the right to physical and emotional safety of their peers.
  • having a dedicated Behaviour Management Coordinator who is responsible for administering all behaviour management programmes,who liaises with families and agencies, supports a safe school environment.
  • a supportive Board of Trustees that strongly advocates for student welfare by resourcing behaviour management initiatives, (and taking the necessary steps to stand down or exclude students should it be necessary) enables teachers and students to work in a positive environment.


  • acknowledging positive and appropriate behaviours through compliments, house points, chance cards, class privileges and merit certificates.
  • ensuring class and school rules are clearly evident in the classroom and regularly referred to.
  • using the language of ‘choices’ and ‘consequences’ when discussing behaviours.

On the occasions where student behaviour in the classroom or playground requires consequences they may be:-

  • Name on whiteboard/warning given and consequence signalled.
  • Time out within, or beyond, the classroom
  • Reflection 1 day, bullying Reflection 2 days.
  • Family is contacted to talk with staff whenever there is an issue of concern.
  • Supervised playground group.
  • Behaviour modification sticker programme.
  • Home / school communication book.
  • Refer to support personnel (e.g. senior management, SWiS, RTLB etc)

When these strategies do not modify the behaviour the Stand Down option is considered.

Reflection Room:

A daily Reflection programme runs from 12:45p.m. - 1:15pm where students complete a form that outlines the unacceptable behaviour, its impact on others and a positive choice they could make. The form is taken home for the parent to sign and returned to school.

The Behaviour Management Coordinator monitors all reflections and liaises with teachers and families where a pattern of continued behavioural issues arise with individual students. Other measures (listed above) may be taken.

Bullying Detention:

Bullying or intimidation, verbal or physical, is never tolerated at Carlton School. Every instance has severe consequences for the perpetrator. The Bullying Detention book records all bullying detentions.

Students whose behaviour constitutes bullying receive a 2-day detention with separate forms being completed and taken home on both days. In addition students are counselled regarding their behaviour.

Peer Mediation:

The Peer Mediation Programme involves training senior students to respond to minor playground incidents by mediating between children to achieve a positive outcome.


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