Schooling children for leadership is an integral part of the development of our senior students. From their Year 5 year onwards opportunities are provided for students to practice leadership roles. The Core Behaviours supporting the development of skills are:- Managing Impulsivity, Listening to Others with Understanding and Empathy, Thinking Flexibly, Applying Past Knowledge to New Situations, and Thinking and Communicating with Clarity and Precision.

Leadership is recognised at Carlton by an annual dinner for school leaders (Nga Tuakana) at a local restaurant, and an annual lunch for the road patrol team.

Regular meetings are held between Nga Tuakana, Heads of School and the Principal or Deputy Principal. Their feedback and opinion is sought on a range of topics that directly affect children at Carlton. They are counselled and supported in the performance of their roles.

Every year in February Year 6 students signal their interest in being considered for a leadership position, and a shortlist is created. The management team, and teachers most familiar with the students, then decide on the appointments of: 2 heads of School and 12 Nga Tuakana (school leaders) who have specific portfolios. (Pastoral, Community, Culture, Sports)

Leadership Opportunities:

Heads of School (2): The role of Heads of school is to greet and thank any visitors and speakers, they may even show visitors around classrooms. Heads of School represent the school in the community (e.g. laying a wreath on ANZAC Day),oversee the duties of the other school leaders, support duty teachers on wet lunch days, and undertake such other tasks as the Principal/Deputy Principal see fit.

Nga Tuakana/School Leaders: 12 school leaders are selected from the Year 6 applications for leadership. Along with Heads of School, they have a weekly roster of duties to perform around the school. In addition they support teachers in the supervision of students in school assemblies. Nga Tuakana are also called upon to deputise should a Head of School be absent on any occasion.

Peer Mediators: Year 6 students are trained to be peer mediators.

Senior Duties: Years 5 and 6 students are rostered to perform a range of duties around the school e.g. distributing P.E. equipment at lunchtimes, raising the school flag, managing the school lunch order system, distributing fruit, putting out the lost property each day etc. The level of expectation for them to manage their responsibilities around other school commitments is high. They learn to plan ahead, negotiate duty changes, to communicate with adults and peers, and to be answerable for any lapses in fulfilling their roles.

Road Patrol: In November of each year Year 5 students who wish to be a member of the road patrol team take home a parent permission form. When this is completed the students undergo training with the Police Traffic Safety Education Officer. Only those students who pass this training are rostered into road patrol. A duty rotation lasts for 1 week at a time, before and after school, manning the Carlton Ave pedestrian crossing. An adult supervisor is always present.

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