Curriculum Delivery

All students are supported in their learning to be creative, display intellectual curiosity, seek challenges, reflect and adapt to constant change in the 21st century. The integrated curriculum is intended to provide clear directions on the learning and community intentions as relevant and meaningful aspirations for our community.

This year, will see the learning programmes integrated through our newly formed Integrated Curriculum. The Carlton School integrated Curriculum is a composite of elements that support our Tuāpapa Pakirehua or Our Inquiry Framework, within Carlton School. It is a blend of the things we value to support our learners on their learning journeys.

The “blend” includes three streams including a specifically designed Māori Worldview framework, the NZ Curriculum and our Core Behaviours. It consists of big ideas, concepts and contexts, which are all delivered through our Learning Investigation Framework (Inquiry). The integration is intended to merge and incorporate the thinking or development blend of the Carlton School Culture, the values, the learning theories and practice into one succinct point of delivery.

The integration, which includes some key qualities derived from the Māori Worldview Framework, is the beginning of the planned teaching and learning for student learners. The following diagram is to merge and incorporate the thinking or development blend of the Carlton School Culture, the values, the learning theories and practice into one succinct point of delivery ie. inquiry.

Our Integrated Curriculum

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Our Worldview

The Māori Worldview is our acknowledgment of the cultural diversity within Carlton School and the realisation that every whānau and learner within the school contributes to the makeup of the school through their language, culture, beliefs and customs.

This presents many learning opportunities to grow one's appreciation (or worldview) through a Māori lens, In conjunction with the formal and informal learning opportunities about others within our school.

Therefore, our integrated curriculum will help provide a structure to enable all learners to learn and celebrate the indigeneity of ourselves and others. Our integrated curriculum is delivered through our learning investigations and our inquiry process.

Core Behaviours

The Core Behaviours are to guide and develop both personal and cultural attitudes of our learners at all levels.

The ultimate aim is to develop a “way we be” mindset for our learners and our educators, that is culturally responsive.

At Carlton School we have a strong desire for our learners to demonstrate empathy, to be hospitable, to persist, and to be creative to name a few. It is an ambitious pursuit of excellence to assist our learners to be composed and considerate, both now and in their futures. The Core Behaviours are made up of "key" cultural qualities and the Habits of Mind. View more here...

New Zealand Curriculum Learning Areas

Learning Areas are not viewed as separate, or distinct from one another, but as connected. Our integrated curriculum along with our inquiry process makes use of the natural connections that exist between learning areas, values and key competencies.


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