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Intro into School Programme

To give all 5year olds the best start possible to their schooling, we offer parents the opportunity to bring their child, prior to their 5th birthday, to a series of school visits where the child can join in on class activities and mix with the class. Parents have the opportunity to meet with Principal, Assistant Principal and have a tour of the school. This helps make the transition to school as worry-free as possible for children and their families.

You can register your child for enrolment at any time from 3 years of age. Two months before their 5th birthday you will be contacted by our Office Manager who will schedule pre-school visits to your child's classroom. You can also pick up an enrolment pack that contains all the information and forms required.

We know what a special time it is for families when their "baby" turns five and is off to school for the first time. We take very seriously the fact that you have entrusted your child into our care, and we undertake to provide them with a happy and safe learning environment.

Most five year olds have had some pre-school experience; regardless of that you can help make their transition to school easier by teaching them to:

  • recognise their name (write it if possible)
  • dress themselves
  • put shoes on and do them up (velcro, laces, buckles)
  • recognise colours and numbers to ten
  • count to ten
  • say (not "sing") the alphabet
  • unwrap food packages such as muesli bars
  • peel fruit e.g. bananas and oranges
  • use manners such as "excuse me","please" and "thank you"
  • use a toilet and manage personal hygiene

Enrolling at Carlton School

If you are considering enrolling your child or children at Carlton School, call in and pay us a visit or you can download the enrolment form here to fill in and bring it into the school.

Enrolment Form.pdf

Money Matters

Payments can be made at the school office, for any transactions, by -

• Cash

• EFTPOs (no cash out facility available)

• Cheque

• Internet banking – please enter child’s name and what the payment is for in reference sections.

Payee: Carlton School BOT

Bank: BNZ

Account number: 02-0792-0018259-005



School fees (About Carlton)

Sports fees for registration vary between sporting codes. Students must pay these fees at the beginning of the season otherwise they are withdrawn from teams. For some sports the school is able to supplement the payment so individuals are not charged the full amount required by the code.


Regular fundraising events are conducted throughout the year by classes, teams, school and the P.T.A.

• Fundraising by individual classes is usually directed to camps and Education Outside the Classroom Experiences. Typical activities are sausage sizzles, soup sales, popcorn sales etc.

• Fundraising by teams is usually directed at Education Outside the Classroom experiences that the whole team participates in. E.g. Badminton and gymnastic lessons. Typical activities a re annual swimathon, Fun Run, Basic Factathon events, raffles etc.

• Fundraising by the whole school is an annual event where students complete a piece of art work that is made into a calendar to sell to families. The profits from sales are used to supplement the ‘Arts budget. Funds from this budget allow us to bring in outside artists and performers at a discounted cost to students.

• P.T.A. fundraising is usually directed at the purchasing of equipment to improve resources available for students, or to support projects undertaken by the Board of Trustees.

Typical activities are discos, quiz night, food sales, car boot sale, raffles, and gold coin donations to attend the bi-annual school production etc.

As a whole school we support charities by fundraising for them. This teaches students values of empathy and selflessness. It also makes them aware of the role they can play in local, national and international communities.

• Daffodil Day – every year we support the Cancer Society by coin trails, or building a daffodil out of coins etc.

• Jump Rope for Heart – an initiative by the National Heart Foundation that means children learn skipping skills and then participate in a skip-a-thon with the proceeds going to the Heart Foundation.

• World Vision- every year students are encouraged to participate in the 20/40 hour famine to raise funds for this international charity.

• From time to time we respond to one-off events such as raising funds for disaster relief (earthquakes, floods etc) or when a member of our school community suffers adversity (e.g. a student with health issues or affected by a house fire). Often it is donated goods that are requested such as groceries/toys/clothing rather than money.

Business Support

Carlton School deals with a number of local and national businesses who offer a percentage of sales to the school to supplement school funds.

• Meteor Printers supply the school stationery packs and general supplies. Families purchasing their stationery from the school office are also fundraising for the school.

• Fitzherbet Ave Bakery is our school lunch supplier. They also donate a percentage of sales to the school.

• Every year school photos are taken of individuals, families, sports teams and classes.A percentage of sales is donated to school funds.

Charitable Trusts

There are a number of charitable trusts that we regularly make applications to raise funds for large projects e.g. grounds development (gardens, recycling plant, play equipment), technology resources (computers, sound systems). And also to deliver programmes and student support not funded by traditional means. E.g. Kapa Haka, sports/games supervisors etc.

We are not always successful with our applications but we continue to pursue this avenue of funding. Applications have been made to:-Whanganui Community Foundation, Powerco, Duddings Trust, Pub Charities

Students and Money

Students are discouraged from bringing money to school for any purpose other than purchasing stationery or lunch, or paying fees. Parents are asked not to give students money to spend at the local dairy. Should students need to have money at school for any reason this handed to the teacher for safe keeping. The school accepts no responsibility for money kept by the student.

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