No. 2020/02

28 February 2020

Tēnā koutou, Hello, Bula, Namaste, Annyeong, Ni Hau, Selamat petang, Ola, Xin chao, Hallo, Nǐ hǎo, Kumusta, Alofa, Ayubowan, Konnichiwa

Principal's Message - Te Karere a te Tumuaki

Gaye O'Connor - Principal

Kia ora koutou

Education Review Office Report

The school underwent its triennial review in November of last year and we recently received the final report. The report states:

# Teachers create engaging environments that foster opportunities for students to learn in a range of contexts. There are positive and caring relationships between teachers and students. Teachers actively support students’ learning and teacher aides are used effectively.

# Students engage in purposeful learning and the vibrant classroom displays reflect high-quality student work. Students support each other in their learning and model the school’s values and core behaviours. Students access a well-considered localised curriculum that promotes authentic learning.

# The digital technologies curriculum is implemented and naturally incorporated into classroom learning. The key strategic goals of the school are reflected in the teaching and learning in the classroom.

# The school’s commitment to their localised integrated curriculum is highly evident. This model incorporates tikanga and te reo Māori, aligns with The New Zealand Curriculum and the school’s core values. The integrated programme is enacted in teacher practice, student learning and regularly shared with parents and whānau.

# A caring and inclusive school culture supports student’s wellbeing and sense of belonging. Students feel included and participate in all areas of the curriculum.

A very positive "big tick" for our school. Ka Pai!

School Attendance - Every Day Matters

The Ministry of Education has monitored schools' attendance nationwide in Term 2 of every year using data supplied by schools. The key findings below have resulted in the Ministry deciding to increase their monitoring to each term from now on.

Key findings

  • The average daily attendance rate of students declined to 88.6% of available half days4 in 2019 (90.1% in 2018)5. Justified absence rates increased to 6.7% (5.7% in 2018) and unjustified absence rates increased to 4.7% (4.3% in 2018).
  • During the final week in Term 2 average attendance rates showed a marked decline. Being absent from school by just 5 days (10 half days) across the term will cause a student to fall from ‘regular’ attendance to ‘irregular’ attendance.
  • Three quarters of justified absence cases were reportedly due to illness. Just over half of unjustified absence cases were recorded truancies or unable to be explained.
  • Regular student attendance declined to 58%, down 6 percentage points6 (pp) following a brief period of stability in 2018 (64%). This means that around 40% of all students did not attend more than 90% of their available class time.
  • Since 2015 regular attendance rates have declined by 11pp, with irregular absence rates increasing by 6pp, moderate and chronic absence rates increasing by approximately 3pp.
  • Although regular attendance has declined across all demographics since 2015, the largest declines have been seen across year levels 1-8 and among Maori and Pacific students.

Further information from the Ministry to Boards of Trustees (who hold overall responsibility for attendance) says: For students to gain the numerous benefits of school, attendance is critical. Principals and their boards and staff ensue that students, parents and caregivers all take student attendance seriously and that children go to school unless they are sick.

Students are expected to attend school regularly. The Ministry says: Regular attendance is defined as 90% or higher. However there is no safe level of 'non-attendance'; every day matters. Every day at school has a cumulative impact on students' learning. A child with an average attendance of 90% will miss the equivalent of one year of schooling in ten. Can your child afford to miss that much of school?

Previously we have contacted families of students whose attendance had fallen to 80% or below. We will be revising this expectation to 90% from this term. Parents/Caregivers receive a letter from the school warning of the low attendance. If the situation does not improve then the family's details are forwarded to the Schools' Attendance Service for further action.

We also closely monitor those students who arrive late (after 9:15am) or are picked up early (prior to 2:50pm) for reasons that are not justified. This is also recorded on the roll database - most often as an absence for that period of learning. Being consistently late or leaving early has the same negative impact as non-attendance.

We both, home and school, want the same outcome; happy, confident and successful learners. Children can't learn if they're not at school. Every day matters.

Noho ora mai, Gaye O'Connor

e-News Contents

  • Principal's Message - Te Karere a te Tumuaki
  • e-News Contents
  • Dates to remember for Term 1
  • School Community Picnic next week
  • 2020 Nga Tuakana
  • Reading Habits Survey
  • School photos
  • New Entrant Enrolments 2020
  • Parent Education Session - Student Agency
  • Rent to Own Chromebooks for students
  • Churchill Crescent entrance
  • Cars parking on yellow lines
  • Juicies
  • Merit in Dance - Mikayla Lindsay
  • Free Family Fun Day
  • Eden Wason winner at Speed Skating Nationals
  • Sport
  • Carlton News
  • Health
  • Regular Features
  • Payments to School

Dates to Remember for Term 1

    • 2nd March - Life Education lessons begin
    • 2nd March - Board of Trustees meeting 5:30pm
    • 3rd March - Community Picnic 5-7pm
    • 4th March - Parent Information session on Student Agency
    • 13th March - School photos
    • 20th March - Dental Gig leaves
    • 24th March - Inter School swimming
    • 6th April - Board of Trustees meeting 5:30pm
    • 8th April - Term 1 ends

Mark Keelty, Educator, from the Life Education Trust and Harold will be at Carlton on Monday. Welcome back Mr Keelty and Harold.

Congratulations to our 2020 Nga Tuakana

At our school assembly on Monday our 2020 Nga Tuakana were announced. Congratulations to the following leaders:

Back row from left: Ruby Gaudin, Maddison Williams, Karel Harris, Maddie Marwick, Mikayla Lindsay, Kade Peat-Tamati, Zoe Couper & Michael-Bobby Graham.

Front row from left: Lincon Wilson, Jasmine O'Keefe, Kini Lavoa, Ms O'Connor (Principal), Javanah Tait, Iousa Tyrell. Absent Caleb Pryce

Head of School: Kini Lavoa & Javanah Tait

Deputy Head of School: Michael-Bobby Graham & Ruby Gaudin

Cultural: Iosua Tyrell & Jasmine O'Keefe

Sport: Maddie Marwick & Lincon Wilson

Community: Zoe Couper & Karel Harris

Pastoral - Pou Herenga Tahi: Maddison Williams & Caleb Pryce

Pastoral - Pou Herenga Rua: Mikayla Lindsay & Kade Peat-Tamati

Reading Habits Survey

We are gathering information to gain an understand about the reading habits of whānau and how this may impact children's reading at school. We are hoping to use this information to further inform our school wide reading programme.

If you would like to add your thoughts to our survey, please click on the picture. Thank you

School Photos on Friday, 13 March

Class, sibling and portrait photos will be taken at school on Friday, 13th March 2020.

Order envelopes went home last week but if you need another payment envelope or did not receive one, please call into the school office. Sibling envelopes are available from our office.

Payment can be made by cash, eftpos or cheque at the school office or credit card payment or internet banking directly to Photolife. Photo envelopes need to be returned by 9am, Friday 13th March.

Transition class (5 years old) Enrolments

Pictured above: He Puna Aranga teacher (left) Mrs Tash McCosh and Learning Support Assistant, Mrs Collette Redman (right).

Is your child turning 5 years old this year? Do you know a family with a pre-schooler?

We have spaces available in our Transition class for children turning 5 during 2020.

Please contact the school office (345 0336) with your details so you can be added to our enrolment list. Then approximately 6 weeks from your child starting at Carlton we will organise pre-school visits to the Transition classroom, He Puna Aranga.

Parent Education Session - Student Agency

2020 sees the school further develop its localised curriculum - He Kuranga Tukutuku with a focus on Student Agency. We believe that through further developing a student-centred learning culture, where students take greater ownership of, and responsibility for, their learning, they will develop a deeper understanding of themselves as learners. They will become self-directed learners who have a stronger voice in, and control over, the ‘what’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ of their learning direction.

Families/whanau have a vital role to play in their children’s education, so it is important that you have an understanding of Student Agency and what it might mean in relation to your child, and their future progress and achievement at Carlton.

We are holding a whānau information session on Wednesday 4th March 5.30 - 6.30 pm in Te Whare Manaaki (light refreshments provided). If you need child care during the meeting bring them along, (with their togs if they want a swim) and school staff will provide supervision.

Click here if attending

Churchill Crescent Entrance

Reminder: This entrance is for staff and families associated with Room 8 (Arahunga Special School) and service vehicles ONLY. The parking area next to the field is for staff and families associated with Room 8. Please respect this area, and the needs of students who are in Room 8. These vehicles display a special permission card from the school. We will be taking photos of vehicles and drivers in this area who are not associated with the class.

And to those Carlton parents who drive through the Churchill Crescent entrance and move the tyres so they can u-turn on the field, in an area of the grounds they already not meant to be, you are contributing a further hazard to an already dangerous scenario.

Cars Parking on Yellow Lines

In our last school newsletter we advised that cars caught parking on the yellow lines outside school will be photographed and forwarded, without exception, to the New Zealand Police. We also advised the photo will be published in the Carlton E-News. Since this notification four vehicles have been photographed and are pictured below.

Parking on the yellow lines has a huge impact on road safety outside of school.

Merit in Dance

Congratulations to Year 6 student Mikayla Lindsay who recently received Merit from the Royal Academy of Dance for her Grade 1 exam.

Mikayla studies ballet at the Shirley McDouall School of Dance and has been learning ballet since she was 6 years of age. Mikayla said she got a passion for dancing after watching the movie "Angelina Ballerina" on DVD.

Well done Mikayla and all the very best for your dancing this year.

A winner at the Speed Skating Nationals

Congratulations Eden Wason who recently attended the NZ Speed Skating Banked Track Nationals Competition in Hamilton on 8th and 9th February 2020.

Eden won for Primary Girls - 1 Gold Medal & Trophy Cup & 3 Silver Medals


2nd in Primary Girls 1000m Final

2nd in Primary Girls 1500m final

2nd in Primary Girls 500m Final

Eden is pictured on the podium receiving a Gold Medal for 1st place. Fantastic Eden!

Player of the Day

Thank you Fitzies for supporting Carlton School sport and for your generosity in giving vouchers to our Player of the Day winners. Congratulations to all our students.


Zoe Couper

Nevaeh O'Connell


Tristan Cairncross

Michael Michau


Elsie Redman

Max Marwick

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