notmaj4's personal website

welcome to (except this is in google sites because i can't afford a proper website and url)

This is the home page for my personal website, clad in black with pastel colours, where all my shenanigans, past and present, are curated or linked here.

All links or contacts:

  • YouTube

  • NationStates

  • Discord (notmaj4#8363), please tell me who you are and why you have contacted me. I reserve the right to dismiss or not respond to users who I'm not interested in.

  • TBW News, a small news website with news bulletins hosted with the Talking Tom And Ben News mobile app by Outfit7. Party like it's 2011.

โš ๏ธ Disclaimer: I am not a professional at creative work or content creation, and I do not (and will not) put content for profit or for clout. If you're looking for serious content creators, this is the wrong place.

some basic personal details

names: call me maj4, majorfour, m4 or whatever you feel fancysex: malegender: yes and no simultaneouslypronouns (now these exist?): he/him or they/thembirthday 27/9age: somewhere inside gen zlocation: philippines (the southeast asian country)nationality: filipino born and raisedlanguages: en/tl (i prefer english when online)interests: computers, coding, astronomy, jazz, musical solos, fusion, rock, 60s-modern pop (though mostly retro and international/city pop oriented), post-modern art, astronomy, those disgusting virtual tuber stuff, transport, politics, culture (people, nations, anime - anything that has the tag "culture" in it, i like), STEM (science, technology, engineering, maths), human societypolitical views: democratic socialist, environmentalist, progressivist, liberalistpolitical tests (not always accurate, just for fun!): political compass (aug 2021), 8values (sept 2021), 9axes (sept 2021), infvalues (sept 2021), political sextant (sept 2021)