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Welcome to CG's srb2 wad page!. this page is to submit wads for srb2 made by CG7244. don't steal stuff, if you want to use something here, Please do'nt do it without permission, you can find CG in "contact" section of this page, and send a message telling which wad you will use and, Who knows, maybe you have an answer. CG uploads wads too in srb2 message board (profile in "contact" section).


-Updated! c_rpbigcity.wad :

  • Sky have been changed.
  • Some drastical changes (aren't flat anymore).
  • Sign posts are working now.
  • Removed forest temporally for rework reasons.
  • Removed that strange hole with Toad in it.

-Added a new section! "Chatting", more info in the section.

-Just to notice you, WalkMode.lua only works with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

-Renamed "MarioMovement.lua" to "WalkMode.lua".

-Added 2 new wads: Pal-RetroPal.wad and Pal-LessSaturated.wad , can be found in Graphics on Wads section.