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Welcome to CG's srb2 wad page!. this page is to submit wads for srb2 made by CG7244. don't steal stuff, if you want to edit/Port something here, Please do'nt do it without permission, you can find CG in "contact" section of this page, and send a message telling which wad you will edit/port and, Who knows, maybe you have an answer. CG uploads wads too in srb2 message board (profile in "contact" section).


26/06/18 New Section added: Events

  • Here will be the srb2 events that will be available at a scheduled date

-Updated! c_rpbigcity.wad :

  • Sky have been changed.
  • Some drastical changes (aren't flat anymore).
  • Sign posts are working now.
  • Removed forest temporally for rework reasons.
  • Removed that strange hole with Toad in it.

-Added a new section! "Chatting", more info in the section.

-Just to notice you, WalkMode.lua only works with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.