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Nicest McDonald’s in the World?

I was disappointed not to have found this wonderful blog before, Jeff Hill's beautiful 'Oh My Portugal!' collection of fancies, experiences and resources.

Whether you eschew or chew fast food, here's another top ranking for Portugal - possibly the most beautiful McDonald's in the world, and don't imagine for a moment that Jeff's musings are merely Maccy D inspired!

In his own words: "See Portugal through the eyes and lens of expats from all over the world. We have chosen this small European country for it’s fantastic People, Culture, Food, Location and Weather!"

Visit for more delights, sights and even fights (that rivalry continues between Porto and Lisbon).

Good company at Expats Portugal

I'm in good company over at Expats Portugal this week with the Visa Queen Gilda Pereira on Migration Tuesday and another chance to look at Portuguese citizenship with the Lisbon Lawyer Daniel Reis on Thursday. Book a place, preferably using EP's Premium Membership here

Great fun World Cup video from RTP

From Portuguese TV, you can see a great combination of national pride, love of football, sense of humour and Iberian rivalry right here

Souper Event in Central

Thanks to Pete and Diane for their mention of this fab feira and festa coming up soon in Castelo Branco.

From their Facebook page, and a chance to practice your Portuguese, here's some background info...

"Pelo 11º ano consecutivo, na Freguesia de Escalos de Cima, realizar-se-á a nossa já habitual, Feira das Sopas. De modo a estimular o consumo da SOPA e divulgar o nosso Património Gastronómico, unindo a tradição aos benefícios deste prato tão saudável, coloca pela 11.ª vez a SOPA no centro das atenções.

A XI edição da Feira das Sopas realiza-se nos dias 2 e 3 de Dezembro, no Pavilhão Multiusos de Escalos de Cima. A entrada é livre e não faltará muita animação e claro boa gastronomia.

Na 11.º Feira das Sopas de Escalos de Cima haverá também animação musical com o artista "Augusto Canário" e muitos mais. Contamos com a presença de todos, visitantes e participantes, e com a ajuda na dilvulgação deste evento."

Em inglês...

"For the 11th consecutive year, in the parish of Elasa de Cima, we will be made to our usual, Soup Fair. In order to stimulate soup consumption and publicize our gastronomic heritage, joining the tradition of the benefits of this dish so Healthy, put the soup for the 11th time in the center of attention.

The XI edition of the Sopas Fair is held on December 2 and 3, at the Multipurpose Pavilion of the top. The entrance is free and there will not be a lot of animation and of course good cuisine.

In the 11th Fair of Soups of Cima Résa there will also be musical animation with the artist "Augusto Canário" and many more. We have the presence of all, visitors and participants, and the help in the dilvolgation of this event."

More from the event organisers

GMP! World Cup Squad Announced

Good Morning Portugal's Qatar World Cup '22 squad has been announced.

The esteemed and diverse pundit panel includes GMP! regulars Michael Heron, Owen Lloyd Martin, Frank Devane, Francis and daily show anchor Carl Munson.

Throughout the tournament, these Portugal-loving expats and hopefuls will share their World Cup analysis and outbursts via Twitter (if it lasts throughout the World Cup) on GMP!'s timeline - @morningportugal

Keep up with GMP!'s World Cup coverage including the squad's tweets, here

A fun charity fund-raiser sweepstake will also be drawn on a livestream on Saturday 19th Novemember, ahead of the opening fixture on Sunday 20th November.

Join the sweepstake WhatsApp group here -

The new Money and Finance for Expats podcast will stream live every Monday morning from the 21st November at 10am featuring Paul Correa and Matt Penfold

New Expat Money & Finance Podcast Launches (with host Carl Munson!)

Anyone who has moved abroad to enjoy a better quality of life or experience a more fulfilling retirement is likely to have concerns about managing their money and planning their financial future.

“Words that come to mind are ‘complicated’, ‘confusing’ and downright ‘dull’,” suggests Paul Correa, the host of a new podcast aimed at expats, migrants and anyone attempting to manage and plan their financial future in a new country. Paul, along with colleague and podcast co-host Matt Penfold, leads Fiduciary Wealth Management who have ‘earned a reputation for combining high quality technical expertise with commercial pragmatism’, which they are now taking to the airwaves and YouTube.

“We are dedicated to positively shaping the wealth of the expatriate community through ethical tax led wealth management advice,” they say. “Our mission is to make a real positive difference to expats and our new podcast is an opportunity for the wealth management curious and seasoned investors alike to ask questions, get answers and keep a weekly finger on the global financial pulse.”

“In a time where more and more people are considering moving abroad, and against a backdrop of global political and economic uncertainty, who can they turn to for candid and sound money management insight?” asks Matt. “As the cost of living increases, interest rates rise, and get-rich-quick schemes seem to be crashing and burning in front of our eyes, what can be done to boost investment returns, minimise risk and make our portfolios and pensions effective and efficient?”

"Let’s face it, most expat money and wealth management podcasts are dry and dull", says Paul. "Our intention is to make people aware of their potential risks and opportunities, help them with practical advice and support AND have some fun in the process on-screen and through headphones on our weekly show".

“Personal finance and wealth management needn’t be boring or painful,” adds Matt. “Sure, safeguarding our personal wealth is a serious business, but it doesn’t have to be painful or a turn-off.”

The new Money and Finance for Expats podcast will stream live every Monday morning from the 21st November at 10am. All are welcome with questions, comments and to make contact privately with the team if so inspired. The podcast will be available on your favourite podcasting platform as well as FWM’s YouTube channel.

“The team at fiduciary wealth are extremely knowledgeable and the advice and guidance I have been given regarding relocating tax planning pensions and investment options has been without a doubt the most in-depth advice by far. These are uncertain times and knowing a reputable company like Fiduciary is looking after me fills me with reassurance. We are looking forward to our future retirement.“ said happy client Jemma recently.

Contact FWM via their website:

Indie Brand Bonanza

Cátia 'Beyond Lisbon' Lima is back with FOUR new Portuguese indie brands that have been added to the GuMPerStore.

Hear her sing their praises on the show...

New Portuguese Movies on Netflix

From our very own James Holley, via Facebook: "5 new Portuguese films on Netflix. 4 in European Portuguese, and 1 in Brazilian Porguguese. Yay, more language learning opportunities, and some more new content to watch. Win/WIN!"

Turning Expatriation into Personal Growth - Workshop

Our latest 'Postcard from Portugal' newsletter

Vis-à-vis Visas, in Portugal

Web Summit seems to have brought with it fever pitch around Portuguese visas...

Prime minister António Costa sent a spike of concern throughout the well-healed assembly of those interested in Portugal's Golden Visa when addressing the global tech gathering this week - "Portugal to Scrap Its Golden Visa Scheme, PM Says"

Meanwhile, complexity grows around the country's new 'Digital Nomad' Visa, that Ei!'s Gilda Pereira detailed with me in a recent Expats Portugal webinar, and about which our friend Rafael Di Furia shares his concerns - see attached videos.

Watch this space and tune into the morning show for updates.

Gilda Pereira joins me every Tuesday , 9-10pm Portugal time, for 'Migration Tuesday' on the Expats Portugal channel

Hot Off The Press: "Down the Rabbit Hole"

"**it's getting real!"

Keep up to date with GuMPer Andy Cline's journey here -

UPDATE! That Press Didn't Cool Down!

No sooner did we publish Andy's 15th Our Expat Journey episode, than he's inspired - by US! - to create another new fascinating instalment.

Big screen and surround sound on for this one ... migration as gamification!

Caption and Win 25 Euros!

Dare anyone challenge Andy's event-posting supremacy?

Please add your events, meetups and points of interest here

We are so grateful to you Sara Yurman for creating this! 🙏

And to you 'BairrAndy' for heading the leader-board with all your contributions and research 😍

Dare anyone challenge Andy's event-posting supremacy?

Moving to Portugal: Seniors and Disabled Navigating the Health Care Systems (NEW Facebook Group)

This group, created by Heather 'Boots On The Ground' Binder, is for sharing information, resources, and experiences plus support for people considering relocating to Portugal and for those already here navigating rough waters with seniors (whether self or family/friends), disabled/differently abled (in all its forms), neurodivergent issues, mental health conditions, medical conditions & other related issues.

Find it here.

"Not Quite Azulejos"

GuMPer and gifted designer Justus Hayes has launched some new lines that are influenced by traditional Portuguese tile work known as Azulejos.

"My fascination with this art form is fuelled in large part by my continuing light obsession with Portugal and all things Portuguese." he says on his website.

He is of course the creator of the "Everybody needs to calm the f#ck down" t-shirt, which is still on offer here

Check out his Portugal blog here.

Tribal Tendencies seen in São Martinho do Porto, Portugal

And not in a bad way!

Here's the band I saw last night and mentioned this morning on the show - Tribal Tendencies - playing in the video, right.

Thanks to Gastao, a local legend you will meet soon who invited me, and hosts Ana and Ricardo at Baia Cultural Bar who get a mention in the short Expats Portugal short video here.

I highly recommend these guys, who will be appearing at this wonderful venue again next week with a female vocalist.

Booking advisable, the food and music, strongly recommended!

Follow Tribal Tendencies on Instagram

Portugal, Place of Possibility. Your Invitation to The Portugal Club...

The Portugal Club will open its doors publicly for the first time this Thursday evening (27th October) at 9.30pm Portugal time to give YouTube and Facebook viewers a chance to consider their 'Portuguese Possibility'.

The Club, usually a closed group for Portugal-bound migrants - who can use the weekly online group setting to review plans, check assumptions and hang out with fellow travellers - is a feature of Good Morning Portugal's 'GuMPers who get together' membership/support level.

On this occasion, the Club will go public and offer a taster of how it all works and can be of massive benefit to anyone making a new home in Portugal or even just visiting as a tourist.

The idea of a Portuguese Possibility will be presented and discussed. Viewers will be invited to envision their future for a fulfilling life in Portugal, long after the first flushes of excitement and the honeymoon period have passed!

More about The Portugal Club here -

Set a YouTube reminder to catch the show here -

Celebrating the Work of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, Torres Vedras

The Centre for Arts and Creativity (CAC) in Torres Vedras is hosting a temporary exhibition The “Political Mask” – Carnival in the work of Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1870-1905) until February 2023.

From the centre website: "Providing regular graphic commentary on Portuguese life for over 30 years, how did Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro (1846-1905) portray Carnaval, an important date in Lisbon's public entertainment?"

"The exhibition, curated by Álvaro Costa de Matos, seeks to answer the question by diving into the graphic work of the caricaturist, looking at Carnaval, not only as a moment of inversion of the established, but as a historical phenomenon that contemplates countless social, political, economic and religious," the site tells us.

More about the exhibition

More about this hugely significant culural icon here -

Rafael Bordalo Pinheiro, creator of that other cultural icon Povinho

Golf in (Northern) Portugal

We haven't covered much of the glorious golfing facilities in Portugal.

Grateful thanks to GuMPer John Heimbach here, where surprisingly our first golf coverage is in the north of Portugal - The Axis Golf Club in Ponte de Lima to be exact - rather than in the Algarve that is world-famous in golf circles.

The two thoughtfully-made, beautiful videos are a brief overview (and pleasant wander) plus a longer, hole-by-hole commentary from John for the more serious golf fan.

Both showcase the beauty of Northern Portugal as well as the featured course.

Axis Golf Club - Ponte de Lima (Oct 7, 2022) short music video version

Axis Golf Club - Ponte de Lima (Oct 7, 2022) Hole by Hole version

Tables Turned! Mr & Mrs M interviewed (-:

What a joy (and unusual) for us to be interviewed!

Here's GMP! team member Maria João Silva - who will join us for 'Another Side of Portugal' - turning the tables on us, and as she says: "What's meant to happen always finds a way. If you want to have a good laugh tonight, watch the full interview with the lovely couple Carl and Louisa Munson, directly from S. Martinho do Porto."

Thank you Maria. We were honoured to be invited and take part.


"Our campervan broke down in S. Martinho. We were stuck here."


Please send in your listings for our new development - - to


  1. A graphic or photo

  2. When you meet (e.g. every Wednesday, 1-3pm)

  3. Venue

  4. Organiser

  5. Contact details (e.g. WhatsApp 913 590 303)

NB All details will be published in the public domain

And if you are adventurous, add it to the GuMPer Map!

'Hospital Experience Special' airs Tuesday 25th October

Our special guests on next Tuesday's #TroubleShootTuesday show are Marcus Laurence and Bill Mauro, who are enjoying a new life in the mountains of Central Portugal. That said, they recently experienced a medical emergency that tested the Portuguese health service and their trust in it.

Find out LIVE on Tuesday's show what happened, and how - thankfully - everything turned out OK, but not without a few hair-raising moments and challenges.

About Bill and Marcus:

A married couple from the USA (PA), they retired early at 55 and 48, and moved to Portugal in October, 2019, where they lived in Lisbon for a couple of years. Post-pandemic, they wanted to move the countryside and chose the area around Coimbra, where they wanted to maintain access to services and conveniences.

"Previously, we had private insurance that we used in Lisbon and public healthcare is more accessible where we live now, " they say. "Marcus had used emergency services previously for an injury. Bill had used emergency services for kidney stones."

Their recent experience, however, was much more serious...

"Marcus had shortness of breath during exercise and had a bad cough earlier, but otherwise felt fine," Bill told us. "Saturday morning, we went to our local 'Centro de Saúde' to have the cough looked at."

"The doctor on duty was not our regular doctor and did not speak much English. He listened to my heart and told me I needed an EKG (ECG) that day. So he sent me to CHUC (Coimbra Hospital)," adds Marcus.

It's here that events took a serious turn, with Marcus admitted to the emergency room with a rapid heart rate and eventually admitted to the cardiac unit after his heart rate could not be slowed down.

Twelve days in the cardiac unit followed

Tune in on Tuesday to find out more, including Bill and Marcus's personal experience of cultural differences, the language barrier, hospital food, visiting rights and standard of facilities.

"Doctors here have a less consultative approach and medications were given without explanation," says Marcus, who joins us on the show with Bill to reveal all - Tuesday, 25th October at 9am.

Don't miss it!

Find out more about their new home in Central Portugal on Instagram - @casadalomba050


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More regular co-hosts announced for the GMP!

The excitement continues to build at GMP! HQ with more top talent joining the morning show line-up.

From tomorrow, Thursday 20th October and ever third Thursday of the month thereafter, that 'American in Portugal', Veronica from the Algarve will update us on her fabulous life down south ahead of the 'Englishman in Lisbon', a certain Carl Hyde, a man you need to know in the capital.

And from Tuesday, 1st November, North Portugal legend António 'Tony' Barbosa gets himself comfy in a new monthly slot - 'Tony Time': Real Estate & Real Life, LIVE from the North of Portugal.

Subscribe to Veronica's YouTube channel

Make friends with Tony

November GMP! Wine Club selection announced

GMP! Wine Ninja Penny Albertella has diligently and thoughtfully sourced a Portuguese Vinho Verde for us to appraise. On this occasion the Atlantique 'green wine', which may be available in far flung locations.

Should you fail to track down this particular label, seek out an alternative Vinho Verde, or for that matter any boozy beverage, and come join the fun.

NB Join us from the NEW start time of 8pm...

Fellow GMP! Wine Ninja's will taste on-screen and give their view, viewers will be invited to ran whatever they have found, either via the chat or on-screen if willing.

There will most likely be a non-aired lock-in after for frank views, fun exchanges and boozy banter (-:

Sig up for the event here -

Francis's Lisbon Photos

New Exhibition: Art of Land & Forest

An exhibition of landscape paintings and wood sculptures by Jan Park & Carlos Carvalho has been opened by Castanheira de Pera President António Henriques - "Art of the Earth and the Forest" at Casa do Tempo until November 27.

Jan Park is a British artist and divides her time between the studio/art gallery she has in the UK and the village house she restored in the Central region, after falling in love with Portugal and its friendly people for over 15 years.

"Landscape, nature and colour have a great influence on Jan’s art and alongside the strong architectural standard, Portugal offers her a beautiful and inspiring setting to paint. Time in Portugal is spent travelling and exploring new areas, while collecting information and pictures in sketchbooks," we are told

Instagram and Facebook @janparkart

Carlos Carvalho originates from Castanheira de Pera native and, after several years away from his homeland, is back to his roots with TOCCO Handicraft - a project that aims to reconcile the know-how he acquired throughout his professional career with the potential of local resources (specifically wood) and with a taste for art and crafts.

Supporting environmental sustainability, the objective of TOCCO Handicraft is to take advantage of tree parts or pieces of wood to produce exclusive decorative and utility products, such as bowls, bread boards, chairs and sculptures, as well as a prototype pedal car that Carlos has developed.

Spiral vegetable winter garden. Horta Espiral de Inverno.

NOV 5 AT 8:30 AM – NOV 6 AT 5:30 PM

Learn how to take the best advantage from Autumn and Winter, by learning the way to produce the best cold vegetables, with the minimum amount of effort, the Permacultural way.

This is an Active Ecology, hands-on, smile-up and Soul burst event. Learning by practice, with theory misted along the way.

Aprenda a tirar a melhor vantagem possível do Outono e Inverno, aprendendo a produzir os melhores hortícolas de frio, com o mínimo de esforço possível, pela receita Permacultural.

Este é um evento de Ecologia Ativa, mãos-na-terra, sorriso no rosto e chama na Alma. Aprendemos pela prática, com a teoria regada ao longo do caminho.

Weekend Workshops, two days - Workshops de fim-de-semana, dois dias.

50€ early bird (30 days before event); 55€ last month;

50€ até 30 dias antes do evento; 55€, a menos de 30 dias do evento

Prices include VAT and Certificate;

Preços incluem IVA e Certificado;


See João Oliveira on the GMP! show 18th October, 2022

Algarve artist Alyson: 'Flash Sale'

"I thought you might like to know that I am having an October Flash Sale on all of my current paintings - 𝐦𝐚𝐧𝐲 𝐮𝐩 𝐭𝐨 𝐡𝐚𝐥𝐟 𝐩𝐫𝐢𝐜𝐞 - for this month only," says Alyson.

See attached poster, and visit Alyson's site via the GumperStore

Wellbeing fair, Penela

Wellbeing day in beautiful Penela with all proceeds going to the local Bombeiros and all presentations free of charge!!!

"Come join this health care team for a fun-filled day with the essential knowledge needed for an all-round health body," says organiser Aoife, author of The Art of Unwinding, and former guest on the show.

NEW! The 'GuMPerverse' interactive and informative map

Please see for yourself how amazing this could be for sharing our favourite locations, events, places and space in Portugal!

Click on the map to get started exploring and contributing...

T-shirt give-away! ("Everybody needs to calm the f#ck down")

Thank you Justus at the Lazy River Design Works for this wonderful give-away to celebrate the launch of #indieportugalthursday today with top co-host BeyondLisbon's Cátia Lima (-:

To claim this T, you simply have to satisfy these Ts & Cs:

  1. Be resident in Portugal

  2. Pay the importation/duty costs

  3. Have a PayPal account so that Justus can refund the imporation/duty costs

First to contact and able to satisfy these conditions, gets a T-shirt!

Boa Sorte (-:

More about the company -

Justus's Portugal blog -

Addressing Death & Dying in Portugal

Good Morning Portugal! are grasping the nettle and addressing the difficult subject of death and dying in Portugal.

Share and Care's Em 'Mamabear' McGowan begins a monthly residency on Tuesday 11th October, where she will address all aspects of death and dying in Portugal - from the most practical challenges of 'getting one's affairs in order' to working with bereavement and grief when the unthinkable happens.

The rationale of the new feature - The Departure Lounge - which is part of GMP!'s #TroubleshootTuesdayPortugal theme, is to think and talk about this part of life, and be best prepared when the inevitable occurs.

Flamingos in Aveiro

Thanks to #BairrAndy for this (-:

Garvo's Gander at Quinta das Lameiras

Gary Austin's amazing find just 10 kms from Tomar - Quinta Das Lameiras - here with proprietor Joao, the "warm" host who's happy to have moved from Lisbon to Central Portugal.

On Facebook

The Secrets of Migration - Moving Stories

We often hear all about the 'up sides' of moving to a new country. Join Mrs M as she interviews 20+ 'migrators', sharing their ups and downs on their journey to start a new life abroad.

'The Secrets of Migration - Moving Stories' is being released from mid November, and will feature some people who the GMP community are sure to know...

NEW Bordalo II Exhibition in Lisbon

"After a decade of showing his hometown of Lisbon, along with many other cities across the globe, what trash art is all about, Bordalo II is ready to take the next step in his artistic method. Known for a body of work that meddles with sustainability and pollution concerns surrounding nature and animals, Bordalo II creates massive, big-scale animal sculptures by using all kinds of urban waste, ranging from scraps of metal, dumpsters and plastic toys to hoses, ropes and all kinds of marine debris and road dividers," says The Portugal News

'Mrs M' joins GMP! line-up

Star of Expats Everywhere's 'What He Didn't Tell You' video that has enjoyed over 360,000 views, Louisa 'Mrs M' Munson will be joining the Good Morning Portugal! line-up with a new occasional feature - 'What He Doesn't Tell You!'.

As well as jumping on with this new, fun and factual feature, Louisa may well host and co-host from time-to-time depending on popular demand and crowd control (looking after the kids, including Carl).

GMP! launches 'Indie Portugal' feature with Cátia Lima

Thursday 13th October sees the launch of Good Morning Portugal's 'Indie Portugal' flavoured Thursdays where Portugal's independent brands, businesses and news makers are guaranteed some publicity and a chance to share their wares and message.

"In an age where corporations tend to dominate the mainstream and social media, we want to offer a platform for independent businesses, organisations, makers and artists to big themselves up," says show host Carl.

Carl is delighted to be joined on launch day by an ideal co-host - Cátia Lima, independent business owner and globally renowned creator of the Beyond Lisbon blog - who will become a regular contributor thereafter.

New tours announced from Feelgood Friday's Filomena Pascoal...

Dougie's Two-minute Tasters return Winter 2022

These quirky quickies from the camera and imagination of our #AskAnythingAboutPortugal contributor and Portugal News writer Douglas Hughes will be shared in show and on our YouTube channel. Subscribe and notify for all new uploads...