Welcome to GuMPerville!

We have our own coat of arms and motto* (pictured)

Our official lozenge (rebuçado) is the Dr Bayard cough sweet, which should always be carried and kept warm in a trouser pocket

Our collective noun is a 'RIOT'

We might be co-creating an erotic novel

Our catchphrase is: "Who doesn't like..."

We have a Facebook group


Coat of arms creator Warren Shalm explains...

1. Four colours around the GMP centre - everyone has rich and radically different points of view and backgrounds.

2. Colours are also typical of Portugal heraldry other than the blue.

3. Green for central Portugal and the islands; Gold for the beaches; Red for the Templar heritage and the church; Blue for the ocean and rivers.

4. The bell is for ‘Carl rings the bell; I copied the bird from the Expats logo for obvious reasons; the sun is for 300 days a year; the compass is for the exploring heritage to find the world and now how GuMPers are finding Portugal; Grapes for wine and olives along the Douro etc. and fish as a dietary staple

5. The moniker at the top reads, “Stand together or fall alone.” Someone has probably said that before but it just popped in my head as the GuMPers tend to stick together.

The slogan at the bottom of course is “A nation of GuMPers”.

Always appreciate the show!


Warren with help from ‘Herald’