About Carl

Moved to Portugal: 2017 From: London and Devon, UK

Currently lives: São Martinho do Porto, Leiria District

Family man in my fifties with a passion for Portugal that includes a daily breakfast show and a weekly webinar with Expats Portugal!

My wife Louisa (‘Mrs M’) and I have three children and our youngest was born here. We have experienced many aspects of life in this endlessly fascinating and delightful country – the nitty-gritty of finding somewhere to live, access to healthcare, opening bank and utility accounts, as well as dealing with the Portuguese administration and bureaucracy.

We have had a lot of fun travelling and living all around the country and have found ‘home’ somewhere that meets our needs on Portugal’s Silver Coast, with a great balance of things to do and space to grow kids and food.

Parent, business owners, host of weekly meetup and prolific commentator on expat life in Portugal

Speaks English, some French and learning Portuguese

Interests include: Portuguese culture, food & drink, personal development and community building.

Carl in The Portugal News

"I can assure you that the Premium Plus Membership was a massive assistance and great value, when we were planning our move from UAE to PT, and Carl & co. GMP networking was a massive assistance. We have used Ei!, Winsurance and GIR. And Carl's daily vlogs, and weekly discussions on PT relocation were also very useful. Many thanks for your assistance and I am happy to continue to support and promote your cause to others going forward. Keep up the good work, and may see you in Portimao one day....."

- Premium Plus participant (-:

"One of the best decisions I ever made upon relocating to Lisboa, Portugal was to become a member of ExpatsPortugal hosted by Carl Munson. It has proven to be an invaluable resource on many levels. First you have so many experts in their fields as part of the Expat Community not only from Portugal but other locations. The knowledge and guidance with instructions on various topics is outstanding on a consistent basis. We have just fun, lots of laughter with sharing stories, photos, wine, gardening, health, and legal information pertaining of Visa relocation, etc. ExpatsPortugal is your neighbour next door welcoming you to the community. I highly recommend joining ExpatsPortugal anywhere in the world."

- Community member (-:

"We were part of the Beta group last fall, and I wanted to let you know that our D7’s have been approved and we will have our passports back in-hand tomorrow. Hooray! Expats Portugal was a huge help on our journey, and we used both Vitor for an apartment and Nuno for Insurance. You have our heartfelt thanks for all you and the team are doing. Next stop….Braga at the end of June!" - Premium Plus participant (-:

"We had a fabulous time, just looking at different places and your tour was just amazing. We have awarded it the “best day of the scout” and all thanks to your great driving!”, and amazing input and tour. Thanks again for doing it as we would never have seen what we did or had such a good understanding so we really appreciate it." - Silver Coast tour client

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ShelleyL – November 25, 2020
Carl has been so helpful!!
He has spent time with me answering all my questions about the Central Portugal area and taking me around to towns and villages I am interested in living in. His knowledge of the area makes decision making so much easier. His questions about what I am looking for in my life in Portugal helped me to firm up where I would like to live.
However his biggest contribution to my life has been his kindness and willingness to be a true friend. He really is interested in helping his clients find the Portuguese dream.
Thank you Carl…..

Rated 5 out of 5

luise (verified owner) – November 26, 2020
Carl first spent time on the phone with me to find out where I was and where I wanted to be and what I desired. Carl then showed me around some areas of interest and his local knowledge and connections were invaluable.
The insight and useful info I got from spending time with Carl would have taken a week for me to acquire on my own. Great service and well worth every penny, or cent 😉

Rated 5 out of 5

sisco (verified owner) – December 28, 2020
We spent a delightful and informative hour with Carl. His knowledge about the processes helped us understand better what our first steps must be in order to find a property in Portugal. His enthusiasm and wit were contagious. If anyone is slightly contemplating a life of retirement in Portugal, we strongly recommend a few consultations with Carl. Absolutely worth it!

Rated 5 out of 5

pete diane (verified owner) – January 7, 2021
Carl is just brilliant and informed us about aspects that we hadn’t even considered. We can’t wait to buy him a drink or two when we get back to Portugal. You will do well to book a consultancy as he is well informed, enthusiastic and has a plethora of bright and sensible ideas.

Rated 5 out of 5

aodhanroe@hotmail.com (verified owner) – January 7, 2021
My consultation with Carl was very helpful and informative. He is a fountain of knowledge all things Portugal and a very pleasant man to chat with. Would highly recommend for anyone considering moving to Portugal and need some help.

Rated 5 out of 5

BigCat (verified owner) – July 25, 2021
I am so happy that I chose to use Carl as a consultant regarding moving to Portugal. He has great knowledge, a fantastic network, a positive mindset, and talking with him felt so easy and natural. I enjoyed every minute. Highly recommended!

Rated 5 out of 5

PortugalDream (verified owner) – September 19, 2021
As someone braving their first steps into thoughts about moving to Portugal, Carl has been very helpful in not only providing support but also other resources and network that have been extremely useful in facilitating my knowledge about making the move to Portugal. Carl is very easy to talk with and you can’t fault his knowledge and enthusiasm to help in any possible way. I can highly recommend a consultation with Carl if you ever need help trying to make this transition!

Rated 5 out of 5

CeltiberianMan (verified owner) – November 26, 2021
My family and recently met with Carl, his lovely wife Louisa, and their beautiful children. He has a huge range of interests, holds a great conversation, and has a wide range of resources to connect us with. We are trying to balance the needs of our children with our own work schedules and life goals while getting used to a new country. Few are in this kind of position, but Carl and his family understand this dynamic very well. We are looking forward to future visits with Carl, and we highly recommend his services!