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Carlisle Rising to Action (CRTA) is a local advocacy group formed by Carlisle, Massachusetts, citizens and residents concerned about increased division and intolerance in our country and threats to core democratic principles such as equality, voting rights, freedom of the press, and transparency in government. More...

Vote for "Barney"

Barbara Arnold for Selectwoman

Deep roots in our community

o has lived in Carlisle with her family since 1987;

o taught kindergarten in the Carlisle school from 2004-2014;

o her son went through the Carlisle School and CCHS, class of 2010;

o served on the board of the Carlisle Conservation Foundation for over a decade;

o founding member and current president, Carlisle Community Chorus;

o active with Carlisle Rising to Action;

o deep appreciation for Carlisle as a unique and wonderful place to live.

An effective style of leadership

o is a good listener, is open minded and builds relationships;

o pragmatic and solution-oriented;

o doesn’t shy away from hard decisions;

o wants to bring together what is, too often, a town of very separate boards and volunteers;

o will add another woman to the BOS. (currently 1 woman on 5-person board)

Ready to tackle the challenging issues

o Barney knows our school inside and out; is committed to small class sizes and high caliber teachers; recognizes a need to control expenses in a period of declining enrollment.

o She believes that Carlisle should be an example of what a small town can do to address the enormous challenge of climate change.

o She knows we need more digital communications to share information, seek input from townspeople, and encourage engagement in our community.

o Barney is ready to lead, along with other town leaders, toward a long-term plan for housing that: 1) works for those who want to stay as they age, 2) provides options for employees who want to live here, 3) allows for more economic diversity and 4) preserves the essential nature of Carlisle.

o She recognizes the challenge of funding our schools and other community needs while also being fiscally responsible in a small town with limited revenues.

Wide support across town

o many different groups and networks know Barney and respect her including:

o past BOS members: Tim Hult, John Ballantine, Vanessa Moroney, John Williams

o families with children in our school who value her deep expertise and knowledge as a teacher here for so many years;

o those who love the woods and pastures that she has helped to preserve;

o those who are determined to see Carlisle mount a realistic and serious response to climate change;

o those who believe in civic engagement and community activism;

o those who have worked with her over the last 32 years on so many different projects to make Carlisle a better, stronger, more active community.

We all know her as a humble person who gets things done, who listens to and respects everyone, and believes in common sense solutions. We have seen over and over again her willingness to work hard and bring people together to make things happen. Please join with me in supporting Barney Arnold (on the ballot as Barbara Arnold) for the Board of Selectmen.

Town Election, Tuesday, May 7, polls open 7am-8pm, Town Hall; absentee ballots available

Meeting with New US House Rep. Lori Trahan’s Staff

On Wednesday, CRTA Member Wayne Davis joined a small delegation of Indivisible members from across the Third Congressional district to meet with Rep. Trahan’s Lowell Office senior staff, Jackie Bart, Eily Byrne & Joe Thibodeau.

Highlights of the meeting:

  • Rep. Trahan has been appointed to both the Armed Services and Education and Labor Committees.
  • She wants to hear from us, especially on progressive issues – even when you know she’s likely to support our position.
  • Trahan came out strongly in favor of H.R. 1 – the “For the People Act of 2019” – which is the #1 priority set by Indivisible National.
  • She looks forward to continuing interaction with Indivisible groups, and visiting throughout the District.

Further details ….

Committee Assignments. Lori had sought assignment to both Armed Services and Education & Labor. The Armed Services position has traditionally been an important one for the Third District, given the constellation of high-tech, defense-related firms. Education & Labor was personally important to Lori, so she could pursue her agenda of expanding educational opportunities, especially for those of more limited means.

Keep the Pressure On, Even When Lori is On Our Side. Lori’s staff begged us to call (202) 225-3411 or email on issues we care about, even if we know or assume she will be supportive. The reason is that there is still a strong conservative contingent in the District who are watching Fox News, reactivating their own activist networks, and actively calling her office. We can’t be complacent. Lori can more forcefully and confidently advocate for these issues when she knows she’s got a strong base of support.

Issues. Before the shutdown, both the Democratic House leadership and Invisible’s national leadership had identified “fixing the system” as the top priority issue. As important as the issues of health care, immigration, climate change, and even a potential Trump impeachment might be, Trump’s election and the travails of the past couple years are a symptom, not the cause, of a broken system. Rep. Trahan chose to highlight this as a signature issue on her swearing-in, publishing an Op-Ed in the Boston Globe on January 2, 2019. As she wrote:

Big problems require bold solutions. H.R. 1 includes sweeping changes to our election laws, including automatic voter registration, an end to voter-roll purges, guaranteed early voting, redistricting reform, and making Election Day a national holiday. H.R. 1 shines a light on dark money in our political system by requiring super PACs and other shadowy organizations to disclose their donors and expenditures, and creates a matching system for citizen-owned elections, allowing everyday Americans to exercise their due influence over our politics. Finally, H.R. 1 restores ethical guardrails in Washington, breaking the influence economy, cracking down on the revolving door, and stomping out conflicts of interest — including by requiring presidents to release their tax returns. Click here for full-text.

The group also discussed the importance of health care, immigration reform, and racial justice. Wayne added the “Green New Deal” is an issue that has strong support in the District.

Further Interactions. Lori’s office is still getting their roles, responsibilities, and plans settled. She’s assembled a talented group, with diverse experience. The Representative is looking forward to utilizing both in-person and virtual Town Halls to keep in direct touch with constituents. The local office staff also encourages phone calls, emails, and visits with them.

We tipped the Elections Blue

On November 15, Jared Golden was declared the winner in ME 2 – the first time, ranked choice voting was used to elect a U.S. congressional representative.

Our record stands at 3 out of 3:

Pappas – elected

Golden – elected

Delgado – elected

CRTA meeting on May 2, 2018

Thanks to Barney Arnold and Michael Ansara for hosting and to the School Committee candidates Melynda Gambino and Shannon May Lavery for coming. Thanks to Gina M. Fox for proposing Carlisle support for Race Amity day on Sunday June 10th - CRTA is proud to join in sponsorship!

Candidating with Jeff Ballinger, Leonard Golder, and Rick Green on April 12, 2018

Candiating with Alexandra Chandler, Dan Koh, Patrick Littlefield, Bopha Malone on March 23, 2018

Carlisle Rising at Massachusetts Indivisible Conference, November 2017

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