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Who We Are

Build the Blue Wave to Take Back the House!

Thursday Nov 1 Phone Bank & other actions


225 Lowell Street, Carlisle

at Michael Ansara and Barney Arnold's house

Training provided - it's easy to learn.

Help congressional candidates in upstate NY - a key swing district - to win in November.

Please bring a laptop/iPad, a fully charged cell phone, and earplugs, if you have them.

Bring something to share for snacks/drinks.

RSVP or questions: Barney.Arnold@comcast.net

Carlisle Rising to Action (CRTA) is a local advocacy group formed by Carlisle, Massachusetts, citizens and residents concerned about increased division and intolerance in our country and threats to core democratic principles such as equality, voting rights, freedom of the press, and transparency in government. More...

Tip the Elections Blue

This is your last chance to tip the 2018 elections Blue. Below is a list of some of the closest races, where every dollar counts. In the first few, Democrats are slightly ahead. In the last few, Democrats are slightly behind. Please consider donating a small amount to each of them to tip the 2018 elections Blue.


CRTA meeting on May 2, 2018

Thanks to Barney Arnold and Michael Ansara for hosting and to the School Committee candidates Melynda Gambino and Shannon May Lavery for coming. Thanks to Gina M. Fox for proposing Carlisle support for Race Amity day on Sunday June 10th - CRTA is proud to join in sponsorship!

Candidating with Jeff Ballinger, Leonard Golder, and Rick Green on April 12, 2018

Candiating with Alexandra Chandler, Dan Koh, Patrick Littlefield, Bopha Malone on March 23, 2018

Carlisle Rising at Massachusetts Indivisible Conference, November 2017

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