Parking fees

Car & Fly Parking Sur offers these services according to these rates:

Normal Rate - From 1st to 10th day: € 7 / day.

From the first day until 20th day the maximum rate will be € 70

Long Stay Rate - From the 21st day onwards, the price will be € 3 / day

* Consult special prices for COLLECTIVES

Remember, we will pick up your vehicle in the same terminal, in the fast stop area of ​​the airport, just in front of the departure door and we will return it in the same place, you will see one of our employees.

Car wash:

Interior washing Tourisms € 10 Vans / 4x4 € 12

Exterior washing Tourisms € 8 Vans / 4x4 € 10

Complete washing Tourisms € 15 Vans / 4x4 € 18