We are solving climate change with community!

CarbonAllies builds Regenerative Agrihoods to solve affordability and climate change.

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Walkable Communities + Small-lot Homes + Regenerative Agriculture = Regenerative Agrihoods.

CarbonAllies is building a series of communities called Regenerative Agrihoods, which will offer residents an affordable, carbon-positive lifestyle - meaning that they will be the first individuals in the United States to be responsible for sequestering more carbon than they emit. Finally, you have the opportunity to help solve the biggest environmental problem of our time - simply by living a more affordable, enjoyable, and healthier lifestyle!

Regenerative Agrihoods are communities where residents contribute to the purchase and maintenance of large, regenerative agriculture farms that are actively managed to produce food for the community while sequestering carbon in the soil.

A residential mortgage represents the biggest investment of a lifetime for many people, yet it merely purchases a house. What if it could also fix the climate?

CarbonAllies matches potential residents and land stewards with Regenerative Agriculture land to create new Regenerative Agrihoods. Regenerative Agriculture farming and grazing practices improve the soil, increasing organic matter and sequestering atmospheric carbon, which in turn reduces drought and flooding.

In a Regenerative Agrihood, residents' mortgages go in part toward funding the Regenerative Agriculture. In return, residents of the community get discounts on highly nutritious, flavorful food grown in their own backyards. They also benefit from improved ecosystem services (ESS) such as cooler summertime temperatures, more shade, cleaner air and water, and close access to nature - plus greater resilience to climate change.

We can all become CarbonAllies and fuel a movement.

Regenerative Agrihoods will feed that movement, figuratively and literally.

By fostering better land use, we can create a better future for us all.

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