Project Capital

Please click here for an example of a conceptual residential community. Hoku Nui

CarbonAllies wants to develop $15 trillion of residential real estate in the next 12 years. To do this, we are re-arranging real estate development incentives. We need to attract project capital in order to shift the climate by 1 billion tons CO2e/yr. Won't you invest with us?

Project Equity & Debt

We offer highly competitive rates of return on capital invested in bare land. We develop the land on paper and once the lots have been codified, we sell the paper lots to homeowners, returning the capital to its owners with a handsome return, within 2 years. We are also able to roll your investment over into new projects and grow the impact.


If you are a foundation, we have excellent projects that can shift the metrics of affordability, health impacts, and environmental impacts, all while offering a reasonable risk profile for project-related investments. We would be happy to start a conversation with you. Please send us your email at:

Corporate Campuses

If you are a corporation looking at innovative concepts for new campuses, let us know. We can bring fast construction partners for a portion of the housing, while providing superior affordability, health and distinctive healthy amenities to your employees. These are great attributes to attract people away from the main urban centers. These communities can also be excellent locations for families of your staff while they commute into the urban centers. By focusing on master planned communities, we can create off-site locations for your staff to congregate, like a WeWork office. Please send us your email at: