CarbonAllies presents a new option for dealing with climate change: Regenerative Agrihoods.

  • Agrihoods are neighborhoods around a small farm.
  • Regenerative Agrihoods are walkable neighborhoods of small-lot homes inside a big Regenerative Agriculture farm that sequesters carbon.

Regenerative Agrihoods take the emerging agrihood concept to the next level: Carbon-Positive Living. You could be responsible for sequestering more carbon than you emit!

Regenerative Agrihoods are more than just zero-energy homes + agrihoods. The Regenerative Agriculture is what sets these projects apart. The agrihood must be measured by how much carbon it sequesters for each household in the community.

Carbon is essential to life - but we need it in the right place. We want to accumulate it in plants and soil, not lose it into the atmosphere. As the wise old farmers knew, water follows carbon. The more carbon we put into the soil, the more water it can hold, nourishing plants and reducing floods and droughts. And that makes everyone's lives better.

Through Regenerative Agrihoods, CarbonAllies makes it profitable to sequester carbon in the soil.