Carbon Bike Wheels

These types of wheels are not for just everyone.

These are for the committed.

They are the masochists that derive bliss from suffering.

Pain of bettering a hill, a mountain, their biking friends, and their Strava KOMs.

Light weight wheels this light need 100% from their owner, no matter the incline.

The 30mm front and 38mm rear Carbon Fibre rims and Carbon Fibre Matrix Spokes are surprisingly featherweight, but cycling to that ascent is still swift thanks to the aero shape of the rims and lowered spoke count front and rear.

The thickness of the rims (18mm inside) also guarantees excellent tire shape for tires in the 23-28mm size range. A sizeable contact area and substantial air volume delivers low rolling resistance with traction for superior cornering and stopping.

The stiffness of the rims and spokes guarantees flex free energy transmission, made even more effective thanks to the 2:1 style 21 Carbon Fibre Matrix Spokes in the rear wheel.

Performance and specifications that match the absolute best, yet at a price tag you wish as much as victory.