TBS car battery delivery is your one stop car battery specialist center. We provide door to door car battery breakdown service including delivery & installation. We are also the official distributor for Century battery and Korea No.1 car battery brand - Rocket Battery. All our batteries come with warranty to ensure peace of mind. Our service area includes Petaling Jaya, Selangor, and Klang Valley. (K.L)

TROPICAL BATTERY SPECIALIST SDN. BHD. (also known as TBSSB) was incorporated in July 2010. TBSSB specializes in marketing and distribution of imported batteries for cars and trucks. Our batteries are mainly sourced from South Korea, Indonesia and Philippines.

Some of our distribution channels consist of battery dealers, automotive workshops, government and fleet agencies.

Our team of dedicated staff ensures that customers’ orders are fulfilled punctually and satisfactorily, while maintaining a high level of professionalism.

In order to serve a wider range of customers, TBSSB has also expanded its product range to cover other energy-related batteries. Apart from lead acid & maintenance-free automotive batteries, TBSSB also markets the following types of batteries:

  • truck batteries

  • marine batteries

  • deep cycle batteries

  • valve-regulated lead acid (VRLA) batteries

  • back up batteries

  • AGM batteries

  • FB batteries


The company strives for excellence in quality products and services to all its customers. Quality products at competitive pricing, as well as delivery within the agreed schedule, is what you can expect from TBSSB.


TBSSB’s range of battery products include Maintenance Free (MF) and Conventional type, with sizes ranging from the lightweight NS40 to the heavy-duty N200 / DIN100.

  • NS Battery Conventional. Made in Indonesia

  • NS Truck Battery. Made in Indonesia

  • Rocket Truck Battery. Made in Korea

  • EFB Battery. Enchanced Flooded Battery

  • AGM Battery. Absorbent Glass Mat.

  • QuickStart MF Battery. Made in Korea









Car Battery – Top Points to Consider when buying a car battery

When our vehicle batteries run effortlessly, our daily life activities run perfectly as well, just like any other matter, a vehicle battery cannot run always and eventually needs a proper replacement. And waiting until the vehicle breaks fall due to a lifeless battery is not forever the finest idea, but this is right what all of us would do. In cold winter periods, a lifeless battery spells a huge disaster.

A battery is the heart of every vehicle. It stores power in a chemical form that is later changed into electrical power, offering energy to the entire of the electric parts of the car.

Batteries can get fail or old if energy items are left turned on right after turning off the car engine. When having issues starting your car and if it is been years since you have replaced your battery, you’d probably think to purchase a new car battery.

When did you need to replace a Vehicle Battery?

Expect to change your vehicle’s battery every 2-3 years or sooner if you live in a hot location. Major signs that your battery is in problem include diming car headlights, the engine has an issue starting or the car backfires.

In its place of being surprised when a vehicle dead or fails, occasionally check its power using a multimeter to examine its efficiency, completely charged car batteries should measure 12.6V and above with the engine running. Any readout below 12.6V means it is time to change the battery.

To make your car battery last longer as possible, always keep the battery terminals neat and clean and fully free of gunk and make sure all links are secure.

Key Points to Consider when purchasing a car battery

Your vehicle needs its battery to control it. The car battery is what powers the vehicle’s starter motor as well as the ignition system. This also provides the energy for accessories and lighting and provides energy to the electric system of your car (as I mention before) when the system of charging is not on the working state. Since your car battery is such a vital component of your vehicle, purchasing the right car battery replacement model is important.

· Select the right battery size

Before the car battery shop, you will need to consult your vehicle’s manufacturer manual, since it’ll normally specify the needed size of a car battery. If you’re still not certain, you might need to check at your car battery shop near me. Once you have got the right size, you’d consider the requirements: a few car batteries are specialized for certain environments as well as driving conditions.

Warm climates with high temperatures, for example, can be hard on batteries since the solution of electrolyte will evaporate rapidly. Other car batteries suited to vehicles with usual prevents and begin driving habits, while the lower end variants just provide the best performance in standard vehicle usage situations.

· Car Battery Stock

Batteries which are created a one or two year before will have less power backup compared to the latest ones. If you see the stock of old batteries for car battery delivery at any outlet then don’t select them. To verify the model and make of the battery date, you need to ready the code numbers on the battery. The number of every battery is marked with month and year of manufacturing. Always select the finest and new stock of battery to get a max result.

· Storage Capacity

The storage capacity of the battery is different as per its group. Each and every automobile has specific energy needs and accordingly the battery has to pick. Based on the sort of battery manufacturer has suggested, the capacity of the car battery will be determined. Car battery storage ability is measured in Ampere-hour. And higher Ah means that battery has extreme storage capacity and it can perform longer without any issue.

· Terminals Position of Battery

You might have not noticed deeply but the placement of the + terminal in the battery plays a vital part because the close connection with the metal and another terminal of the wiring can outcome in a short circuit and a damaging number of electronic components in the vehicle. So, it’s vital to test the side of + terminal of the battery all depending on your vehicle type.

· CCA Capacity

The CCA capacity of the car battery examines the level of power needed for the battery. For instance, CCA defines the level of power needed to start a car at 35F and CCA refers to the level of power needed to start in a cold climate (zero degrees). If you’re using a car in a cold climate then you’d select a car battery with CCA.

· Select between a sealed and non-sealed batteries

Sealed car batteries need maintenance, but they are often not perfect in hot climates since you cannot add water to them to remain cool. By contrast, non-sealed options feature caps that let for the addition of water, creating them more preferable for utilization during warm periods or any condition that constantly experiences extremely high temp.

· Warranties

It’s vital to pick a car battery with the long term free replacement. A car battery’s assurance is measured in 2 figures: the free of cost replacement term and the prorated term that allows only fractional reimbursement.

A code of 24/84, for instance, indicated a free of cost replacement time of one year and a prorated warranty period of 7 years. But the amount you will be reimbursed normally drops off pretty fast once you are in the prorated time. Always be aware that signs of neglect – such as improper installation and low water levels can void a warranty period. So can extreme use such for modern cars with smart features, if the battery is not suggested for it.

Final words

Now that you fully understand how to purchase a vehicle battery, you can purchase with confidence. As with any car battery delivery near me, be sure to do your proper homework and ask lots of essential questions. As an educated user, you are way more likely to get the best possible deal on the very best car battery.

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