Caraway Science Fair

Welcome the Caraway Science Fair website. Here you can find information on being part of the adventure of the Caraway Elementary Science Fair.

The Caraway Science Fair is a voluntary opportunity for your K-5 students to create either an exhibit or experiment for presentation at school and the spring Science Night. Students may choose to have their project judged, and grades 3-5 winners (experiments only) can progress to the regional fair!

Grades K-2 An EXHIBIT can be a demonstration, a model or a display. A demonstration or model describes how or why something works. A display reveals details about the topic. (K-2 may do an Experiment, but Exhibits are encouraged)

Grades 3-5 An EXPERIMENT is a hands-on investigation in which a testable question is posed and the scientific method is followed to answer the question.

Presentation from 11/28 Science Fair Meeting

How to Science Fair.pptx