for MSX2

by N.I & Bo DSGN

Music Artists:

  • 細江 慎治/Shinji Hosoe (Dragon Spirit, Ridge Racer, Street Fighter EX , EspGaluda , etc.)

  • 与猶 啓至/Keishi Yonao (Asuka 120% BURNING Fest, Mad Stalker: Full Metal Force, Star Trader 68, etc.)

  • 中潟憲雄/Norio Nakagata (Abarenbou Tengu, Genpei Touma Den, Max Warrior Wakusei Kaigenrei, etc.)

  • Naruto (Away, Axe Bow & Staff, Shining Crystal, 8-bit music power final)

  • 安井洋介/Yosuke Yasui (Mamoru Has Been Cursed ! , Eschatos ...)

  • Tanikugu (MIDINIZE)

  • Hally (vorc.org, Battle Dodgeball 3, Mighty Gunvolt, etc.)

  • Maak

  • Shnabubula

  • Tobokegao

  • Wiz.

other staff: program: N.I, gfx designs: Yoshida K, Zbembow, Bo, technical test: Sevy, Print: Sevi, Text: N.I, Yoshida K, Isao♥, Misato♥

NEW- game soundtrack -NEW
(soundtrack product by supersweep)

you can now buy the game soundtrack CD at https://sweeprecord.com/

gameshop partners

Demo of the full version by ToughkidCST Kim, thank you Kim.

Caravan version, demo posted by a customer, with a really good score!!

information/インフォメーション :





Caravan Boomer is a new shooter in development for MSX2, It uses PSG and MSX-MUSIC sounds.

the game has 2 modes: caravan (time attack) and normal.

It will be released in 2019/2020.

This game embed DM-SYSTEM2 ⒸGigamix, MGSDRV ⒸAin./Gigamix

preorders/予約注文 :

warning: please note that there will be a limited number of physical boxed copies (2xDD) Price 5000円 (no delivery included)

注意:パッケージ版には数に限りがあります。 形式:2DD×2 価格:5000円(送料別)


if you are interested in pre ordering the game ,send a mail, indicating too the shipping adress: bo.designsbybo@gmail.com

キャラバンブーマー キャラバンエディション!





Caravan Boomer - Caravan Edition ! -

is another version of the game, a promotion disk mainly designed for time attack parties, it contains 2 differents caravan modes + an exclusive boss + exclusive title screen, it will be released in august 2019. It comes in a small cardboard package. price is 1200円 (no delivery included)

If interested, send a mail, indicating too the shipping adress: bo.designsbybo@gmail.com

このプロモーション版は家電のケンちゃん様(東京)、ゲーム探偵団(大阪)、 ゲームショップ1983様(札幌)でも販売予定です。


Mini Log international language:
march 3/2021:
Supersweep released the soundtrack CD of caravanboomer! You can buy it now at https://sweeprecord.com/

february 13/2021:
We are having a slow down for shipping due to free time of international team members, now the game can e shipped from UK and France, please customers be patient!

january 5/2021:
Zbembow and Yoshida K. graphic artists of Bo Dsgn and Hong Kong printing company are working on a new project package for the game Caravan Boomer, stay tuned!

december 7/2020:
We added the mention DM system2 to the website, the game of course is using it. Thank you Gigamix.

december 4/2020:
Clube MSX a brazilian magazine specialized on MSX subject as chosen our game as cover.Thank you!

october 22/2020:
Thank you players!! We received a lot of congratulations mails and we are really happy that the game is played internationally, thank you for playing! MSX forever!

august 19/2020:

We are continuing with the shipping,
60% of preorders have been shipped for now.

august 6/2020:

On SuperSweep channel, Yousuke Yasui talks about Caravan Boomer in this show too :), Thank you Yasui-san!


july 30/2020:

Last bugs are being erased, we are preparing the shipping envelopes.

july 20/2020:

We are finishing cleaning the game and testing, retesting it, before copying massively on disks, last details are the hardest.We are impatient to send it!

july 16/2020:

Arnaud de Klerk put online our playable demo, you can play now 2 levels online, Webmsx is a great program!


july 3/2020:

Yousuke Yasui delivered his track for our game, and of course it's really good.I am really happy thank you Yasui-san! We are also opening a second batch (that would be shipped in september I think), because we are keeping receiving requests.

june 27/2020:

manual booklets are being printed for the first batch

june 7/2020:

Wiz san is finally out of the hospital, what a relieve!!

june 6/2020:

Wiz san had a heart problem and was hospitalized, the whole team is worried about his health!

october 19/2019:

Users can now order or get directly the caravan version at the excellent shop



october 11/2019:

Users can now order or get directly the caravan version at the excellent shop

game tanteidan


october 5/2019:

The website Akiba PC hotline! wrote an article about the caravan version here:


october 4/2019:

Users can now order or get directly the caravan version at the excellent shop

Ken-chan no Kadenken:


september 11/2019:

BAR305 event with Caravan Boomer planned !!

Be there the 21th/09 at Osaka!!


september 11/2019:

Jarga team played Caravan Boomer - Caravan Edition !!

Thanks to you! What about the score?

Jarga is a japanese videogame association, involved in many different projects and task, they do great work. They have great members.


July 30/2019:

I am happy to say that Keishi Yonao is joining the music crew of the game today, a great day!

July 18/2019:

We received today the first prints of the cover of the Caravan Boomer - Caravan Edition !! - . Be ready soon for score attack party!

June 22/2019:

Today a big thanks to the msx.org community, thanks to Hamlet for giving our game a European and international audience.

Thank you very much to all for your support and trusting us.(link: https://www.msx.org/news/en/caravanboomer )

April 30/2019:

Today first pre orders taken.Thank you customers!

April 2/2019

Pre-orders opened