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Important Information About Car Accident Compensation Laws In Colorado

Unfortunately, car accidents are common occurrences, and they can have many legal, financial, and physical consequences. Each state has its own regarding car accidents and compensation, and Colorado residents need to be aware of the circumstances they will face should they ever become involved in a car accident. The following is some important information about car accident compensation provided by a Denver Car Accident Attorney.

Establishing Fault

In order for insurance companies to pay out claims in Colorado, one driver in the accident must be determined to be at fault. That means that if an insurance company denies a claim, it may be up to the injured party to provide evidence that the other driver was at fault. Many people get help from a Denver accident attorney at this point, since an attorney is in a better position to collect and submit the right forms of evidence.

Types Of Damages

There are several different types of damages that a driver can be compensated for. First of all, a car accident victim can expect to be compensated for damages to the vehicle based on its current value. Damages also include the cost of a rental car while the victim's car is being repaired. In addition, the at-fault driver (or his or her insurance company) is responsible for paying medical costs in the case of injury. Accident victims can also claim damages for pain and suffering and for the loss of companionship in the case that a family member was injured or killed. A Denver car accident Attorney can advise clients about the damages they are eligible to claim.

Limitations And Caps

Drivers seeking to get compensation for an accident should also be aware of certain limitations stipulated by Colorado law. For one thing, the statute of limitations on recovering damages is three years. In addition, the law places a cap of $400,000 on both wrongful death damages and non-economic damages, which can include pain and suffering, disfigurement, impairment, and loss of consortium for family members. In addition, the amount of punitive damages cannot exceed actual damages.

With help from an accident attorney Denver, car accident victims can get a better understanding of Colorado compensation laws and how those laws affect their claims. In addition, they can avoid having to engage in complicated negotiations with insurance companies and let their attorney represent them instead. Most lawyers provide free consultations to help clients understand their legal rights, and once hired, they fight to make sure their clients get the justice they deserve.