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About Captain Chords VST

Mixed In Key supports DJs in harmonic mixing and with their various Captain plug-ins, the developer ensures that the production of convincing melodies and chord sequences is made easy even without a basic musical understanding. With Captain Chords 2.0, software-based composing enters a new round.

Composing with Captain Chords 2.0

The new version of the plug-in bundle consists of Captain Chords, Captain Play, Captain Deep and Mac-exclusive Captain Melody. What "Chords" and "Melody" do is derived from the name – Captain Deep is specially designed for bass lines and Captain Play occupies keys directly with complex chords.

Captain Chords 2.0 features some new features. For example, chords played on the MIDI keyboard, controllers or on the computer keyboard are automatically identified. With autocorrect enabled, "false" notes that do not fit into the selected key or scale are filtered out independently.

A large set of tried-and-tested chord progressions helps write songs, so developed MIDI tracks can be drawn directly into the DAW (officially Ableton Live, Logic and FL Studio are supported – more DAWs are to follow) or also control external gear such as synthesizers or samplers.

Particular attention is paid to timing and rhythmic aspects, with new presets and new features such as Swing and Strum. The latter ensures that the chords sound as if they were on the guitar.

Improvements have been made to the user interface and performance. A "How-To" guide can now be called directly from the plug-in.

For Windowsusers, the Captain Deep Plug-in has been added. The Captain Chords 2.0 Suite consists of Captain Chords, Captain Deep and Captain Play.

If you work with the Mac, you get four plug-ins: Captain Chords, Captain Meldody, Captain Deep and Captain Play.


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