Capital Rabbit

Phone: (801) 502-3989 Email: Windyn Hines, Owner

Rabbits are animals with needs different than other house pets. It is important the pet sitter knows how rabbits communicate and play. Equally important is noticing and knowing about warning signs that could mean something is seriously wrong. I have 9+ years of experience working with rabbits. My experience comes from my own personal house rabbit and being a volunteer at the Ohio House Rabbit Rescue and Friends of Rabbits. I am responsible and will take very good care of your pet and home. I am detailed and organized and will provide personalized care.

Welcome to Capital Rabbit Bunny Sitting in Washington D.C.!*

Offering pet sitting for your house rabbit in the D.C. area. Please call or email if you need your bun sat. I am experienced caring for house rabbits.

In-house sitting available, as well as boarding.

*Service Area: Pet sitting available in northwest D.C. and Bethesda, M.D. Boarding available for all areas! Pick-up/drop-off service available for clients in D.C.!

*New HOURS: M-Tu & Th-Su (Closed Wednesdays)


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