Our Charges


Our charges are largely based on a percentage of the profit costs as drawn. Attending detailed assessments or negotiating is carried out at an hourly rate. We have no other hidden charges and our clients are informed at the outset of the charges to be rendered. We remain flexible on our charging rates which are tailored to our client's individual needs.

Our costing charges are produced on a client by client basis and as such are not listed here. Please feel free to call us to discuss charges for our costing service.

We provide a free delivery and collection service.

Private Investigation

You can find our scale of current charges for our private investigation work below. All of the below charges are negotiable dependant upon volume of work.

Charges as at 1st September 2017

Our Costs


Private Investigations

Process Serving

Preparation of Bundles

Preparation of Statements

Attendance with Counsel

Chambers Hearings

Locum Work

Half Day

Full Day


£25.00 per hour

£25.00 per hour

£50.00 per hour

£50.00 per hour

£30.00 per hour

£30.00 per hour

£50.00 per hour



Courier Service and Travel Time Charges as follows:


0 - 50 miles

51 - 100 miles

101- 150 miles

Price per Hour




Price per Mile




Typing and transcribing service £1.25 per A4

All documents copied, charged at £0.05p per sheet

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