Other Games


Downwell is called a roguelite game. This means that the game has different levels each time you play. Your character is a little pixelated white blob who has to defend himself from strange creatures on his way down a long chasm. I have never made it to the bottom. The game feels fantastic to play. It is always a challenge and it is always fun. This is my favorite game right now and has been for a while.

Score: 5/5

Geometry Wars 3

Geometry Wars (which is not to be confused with Geometry Dash!) is a two-dimensional twin-stick shooter. That means that the player holds a controller with two analog joysticks, moving the left joystick to freely move the ship, and the right joystick to shoot in any direction. There are no characters or realistic objects in the game – it’s all just abstract shapes – hence the name. Geometry Wars 3 boasts both an adventure mode with levels and bosses, and a few endless modes as well. Highly recommended to anyone who likes to zone out while enjoying a good challenge.

Score: 5/5