Cantor Yakov’s Music Classes

Fifth graders – Learn the Purim songs!

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5th grade

We will audition for the following roles on January 15-17 in music class. All other parts will be subsequently handed out without auditions. Everyone will get a role of some kind.

Auditions will be decided on the basis of the following (roughly in descending order of importance)

  • memorization and correct pronunciation
  • projection / confidence (stand up straight, breathe, and fill the room with your voice)
  • body language (acting)
  • intonation (sing the correct notes)

January 16: 5D = Act I

Esther or Mordechai: “Vay-hee Bee-may Achashverosh” (YouTube link)

Vashti: “Lo Lo Lo Rotza”

King: “Zeh Ani HaMelech”

King’s guards: “Vashti Vashti HaMalka”

January 17: 5B = Act II

Bigtan and Teresh: “We’re Teresh and Bigtan”

Mordechai: “Haksheevee Lee Esther”

Esther: “Achashverosh Y’keeree”

King: “Esther Ahoovatee”

January 18: 5S = Act III

Haman: “I Know I’m Bad”

Esther: “Dear God Help Me”

Mordechai: “Ani Hoo Mordechai”

Zeresh: “Haman My Husband Is The Man I Cherish”

King: “Ma Sh’aylatech” (chanting)