Cantor Yakov’s Music Classes

Links for Everyone

Links for Grades K-2

1st grade

Siddur Program

2nd grade 😃 🐸 🐭 🍩 ❤️

Links for Grades 3-5

5th grade

100 views = 10 points for everyone

Auditions: Memorize the song

(not the speaking parts)

  • King: Zeh Ani HaMelech Whole Thing
  • Esther: Dear God
  • Zeresh: Zeresh HaTovah
  • Haman: Zeresh HaTovah
  • Vashti: Goodbye
  • Mord: Hakshivi Li Esther
  • BT: Bigtan and Teresh – pair audition
  • Drama: Sorry Not Sorry
  • Guard, beauty contestants, Haman sons, everything else: Forget it for now!

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