Candy-Shaped Gift Box: The Year Round Gift

Being unique during any holiday or special occasion can be challenging. When you want to keep your gift cute and simple, you have to search for the most unique gift of all. This calls for doing something special with candy since you know that everyone seems to love it. That's when you came up with the thought of this creative idea, "candy-shaped boxes." Who would have thought that gift bags could be taken to the next level. The surprising challenge is that you have to put this idea together or call on the majors who already have this in place. You decide to seek everything that you need to make this special gift and here's what you came up with.

To complete this mission, you will need different items like: pencils, rules, scissors, ribbon, candy, office knife, patterned paper as a decoration, and double-sided tape. It is important that you have a template to go by. This will make the process so much easier. The easiest way to get started with the candy box is to fold it in the shape of the actual candy.

There are so many holidays that you can use this "candy box" theme. To top that off, you end up saving time and money. You want have to be worried about those long lines at the check out counter. This is a great way to save on dealing with holiday stress.

The colored card stock comes in a variety of colors. Don't just limit yourself to thinking about certain dates. You can even expand and think about special events such as weddings, sporting events, birthdays, graduations, retirements, etc.

To go a little more in depth, the instructions are like this:

Make sure that you are working on a table or some sort of flat surface. This is so that you can cut the paper according to what design you would like for them to have.

Fold the paper in two different sections toward each end of the paper. You will end up having paper that has four different sections. Basically, you fold it half and half. You cut your candy boxes while you are on the first folding. After that, you cut again for the last folding. If you are planning on using more than one color as far as paper is concerned, cut those separately.

Cut your ribbon and have it ready to tie around the ends. By the time it is time to tie the ends, the paper should stand up like a box. This is a great time to add in decorative paper on the outside of this like holiday wrapping paper. Before you tie the ribbon on both ends, make sure you put the candy inside of the box. Once you have the candy inside of the box, tying is much simpler.

There you go! You have created an awesome new gift that has an even greater gift; your time and dedication. The person receiving this gift will be so thankful and you should be happy because you made someone else smile!

When it comes to being creative, a person can always appreciate you going that extra mile to make them feel special. They truly will be surprised getting the candy-shaped gift box with goodies inside. It will brighten their day!