Candlelight Frights Presents

A Haunted Historic Hallow's Eve Experience

Join Candlelight Frights for an exclusive, immersive, interactive, and historical Hallow's Eve experience.

For centuries, there were no mass produced Halloween costumes, so people made their own costumes for All Hallow's Even. Due to Halloween's commercialization, with mass-produced costumes available since the 1960s, this ancient folk art--along with most of our historical Hallow's eve traditions--have been lost.

We wish to share them with you so we can revive them.

WHAT: An exclusive, learning, immersive, interactive, and historical Hallow's eve experience. This one-of-a-kind experience is limited to adults & late teens.

Your PLUS ticket includes:

    1. Halloween-themed snacks and refreshments (or premium themed food menu)

    2. 2 themed Hallow's Eve cocktails / mocktails (a spiced cider or absinth cocktail designed by Casper Vintage mixologists) OR 3 16 oz beers (you can purchase more; please drink responsibly and don't drink/drive)

    3. creative costume masquerade (costume masks required) & contest with $200 prize and gift cards

    4. immersive, interactive learning about forgotten Halloween fortune-telling traditions

    5. fortune-telling through palm, tarot, dream interpretation, and pendulum readers included

    6. premium séance options

Tickets are limited to 100 and will sell out quickly.

  • $25 basic ticket (includes rituals, includes snacks/refreshments, excludes free drinks, excludes reading*)

  • $75 plus ticket (includes rituals, includes snacks/refreshments, includes 3 beers / 2 cocktails or mocktails, includes reading*, see detailed info below)

*palm, pendulum, or Tarot reading

  • $25 for additional readings on a plus ticket (one palm, Tarot, dream interpretation or pendulum reading included in your ticket price, you can purchase additional readings for $25 each)

  • $50 for séance add-on (details for your summons and back alley password for the doorman to gain admittance to the séance will to be emailed to you, tickets will sell out quickly so don't hesitate, buy your ticket today!)

[Spirit medium séance: 8:30 PM & 12 AM]

[Theatrical séance: 10 PM & 12 AM]


  • Creative masks & costumes required*

    • We have workshops to help you design and make your own papier-mâché mask and costume* OR

    • Make your own papier-mâché mask and costume at home* OR

    • Buy your own mask and costume* OR

    • Buy a mask at the door day-of for $25.*

*We don't want to be ableist. We know you're busy too and don't want to exclude you if you don't have the skill, time, or energy to make your own costume although we're happy to help you with our workshops. Because we're hoping to restore this folk art tradition, we still strongly encourage homemade and workshop created costumes, however. It's a big part of the fun and makes this fête different.

  • Masquerade - Your hopefully original masks-required

Half of the magic and fun of historical Hallow's Eve revelries included not knowing half or even most of the people who attended them with you with whom you shared an actual experience that always left you wondering...just who was that dashing debonair devil you kept making eyes with, or that buxom beauty bogie who brushed her hair towards you at the punch bowl frothing from dry ice? After all, you could barely make out their eyes with their face and identity concealed behind a mask...

  • Costume contest

If you've made your own costume, you can compete for Best Costume, Scariest Costume, or Most Original / Clever / Novel/ Creative / Funniest Costume for $50 gift cards & a $200 grand prize for Best Costume overall.

  • Halloween snacks & refreshments included with a plus ticket

Hallow's eve apple cider punch is included. Themed food items are available for purchase (bring cash or debit card)

  • Cocktails, beer or mocktails included with a plus ticket

Two (2) Cocktails (we have a spiced cider cocktail and absinth cocktail created by Vintage mixologists in line with our historical Halloween theme), three (3) 16 oz beers (domestic or Oktoberfest) (over 21, bring photo ID) or two (2) mocktails (under 21 or alcohol-free option) are included in your ticket price. More available for purchase.

  • Learn about long-forgotten Hallow's Eve traditions:

    • Halloween history: At the start of the evening, our maestro will quickly elucidate some basic Halloween history for all & perform an appropriate American folktale to kick off the evening's experiences. They'll introduce your guides who can answer questions for you or show you where the following activities are taking place.

    • Hallow's Eve Party divination traditions (indoors): Divine your future with three historical Victorian fortune- or future- telling Hallow's eve party traditions. One palm, pendulum, dream interpretation, or tarot reading is included in your ticket price ($25 for each additional reading paid directly to readers).

    • Fire and candle Hallow's Eve divination traditions (outside): Learn about historical traditions involving fire and candles around Halloween and see and learn about three different Hallow's Eve traditions involving candles and fire from our fire mistress.

    • Jack-O-Lantern carving & farm and field divination traditions (outside): Learn the Irish story of "Stingy Jack" and carve a pumpkin or turnip (pumpkins were a New World Crop, they were originally turnips) for the 11 PM Jack-O-Lantern Lighting Festival.

    • Victorian ghost-story and colonial American witch folktales telling by candlelight (indoors): Listen to a traditional poem about Halloween read at parties, six traditional Victorian ghost stories familiar to our ancestors, and three classic American folktales about witches. Or, at audience request, try your hand at cooperative creative story-telling by rigmarole where our storyteller begins a story, stops at a climatic moment, and participants "add-on" and try to "one-up" the last installment.

    • The Midnight Dumb Supper:* At midnight, we'll break our soul cakes, take a single bite of them, observe one minute of silence for visiting spirits, then exit the venue in silence walking backwards, entering our homes and traveling to our beds the same way in silence, leaving the remaining soul cake wrapped under our pillows so that we dream overnight of our one true love.*

* Do you dare test whether your partner is the right person for the right reasons, or invite the spirit world to reveal to you your true love? We hope for the sake of most couples they dream of each other, but Candlelight Frights, the venue, and associated vendors cannot be held responsible or liable for any nocturnal revelations. Couples may choose not to participate in the Dumb Supper but are asked to stand against the walls rather than taking a seat and to maintain utter silence as they exit the venue walking backwards.

    • Séance Options: All Hallows Even was considered the best night of the year to make contact to the other side and make contact across the veil between the living and the dead which was thinnest on this night, allowing all spirits to wander the earth freely.

[Spirit medium séance: 8:30 PM & 12 AM]

[Theatrical séance: 10 PM & 12 AM]

At the conclusion of the Dumb Supper* just past midnight, you're invited to participate in an actual spirit medium séance to make contact with your departed loved one(s) or an entertaining theatrical séance with Magician Byron Grey (or purchase a ticket to the 8:30 PM spirit medium séance or 10 PM theatrical séance). Seating is limited to 20 per séance time and will sell out quickly, so please purchase when you purchase your tickets today.

For $100 added on, you can mix and match and get a seat to BOTH séance types by attending the 8:30 PM spirit medium séance and midnight theatrical séance, or by attending the 10 PM theatrical séance and midnight spirit medium séance. We staggered their times to be sure you had a chance to experience BOTH if you wished to do so!

A séance scene from the 1922 film Dr. Mabuse the Gambler. Michael Faraday (right) and Harry Houdini (second from right) were among the prominent sceptics of spiritualism. Photograph: Bettmann/CORBIS

WHERE: The haunted hall where revelries will happen is somewhere in downtown Casper, WY.

It's a mystery until you purchase your ticket (humor us, it's part of the fun!)

It's at the Void: 128 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601

Choose how you wish to be summoned:

  1. I want follow clues to the venue - The Path of Mystery Veiled in Secret.

You can decipher and decode escape-room type clues to be summoned to a secret place (a time honored party tradition)

If you choose this option, your ticket MUST BE PURCHASED by Sunday, October 16, 2022 to get clues via email.

  1. I want to be told where to go - The Path of Clarity.

You can bypass the scavenger hunt and arrive straight at the venue which we will reveal now is the Void, 128 E 2nd St, Casper, WY 82601

If you purchase tickets after Sunday, October 16, 2022 you'll have to choose the Path of Clarity.

WHEN: Monday, October 31, 2022 (Samhain, pronounced Sah-WIN in Celtic Gaelic)



  • You're free to leave whenever you wish/need to leave, but most will conclude their evening with the Dumb Supper just after midnight

  • If you've chosen one of the two midnight séance options (one is an actual séance with a spirit medium, the other is a theatrical séance with special effects with Magician Byron Grey; there are earlier options available for both too), you should plan for the event to be over around 1 AM

Like the art of making costumes has become lost, so too have many of our All Hallows Eve traditions which we entreat you to learn about throughout this special evening. While we annually celebrate Halloween, its traditions hail from time immemorial in Ancient Celtic, Roman, Germanic, and Norse pagans (as well as from Western European Catholic Christendom) but few remain who know and appreciate their actual history.

These ritual traditions mostly concerned themselves with divining the future in ascertaining good or bad luck ahead in the coming year or most importantly on ascertaining the identity of one's true love, or discovering if one's current love would last or be unfaithful.

Our mysterious doyen has immersed themselves in Halloween history from time immemorial to the Victorian period to mid-century Halloween party traditions and has imagined the most legitimate historical Halloween soiree you'll ever attend.

1907 Casper, WY City-County Building

Some people are confused today to see Halloween referred to as Hallow Even. All Hallow's Evening, the night of October 31st, precedes All Saints Day and All Souls Day (November 1st & 2nd, respectively), during the Catholic Hallowmas.

This holiday became first known as Hallowed Even (short for evening), and over the decades and centuries was shortened to Hallowe'en. From Hallowed E'ven came the holiday's name with which we're familiar: Halloween.

As American English and the English language itself changed between the 19th and 20th Centuries and the Irish, Scottish, and English emigrants brought their own traditions. Including other names such as Nutcrack Night or Snap Apple Night. Each of these names bears a different significance, you'll learn why if you join us.