Candlelight Frights Presents 

A Haunted Historic Hallow's Eve Experience

For centuries, there were no mass produced Halloween costumes, so people hand crafted their own costumes for All Hallow's Even.  Due to Halloween's commercialization, with mass-produced costumes available since the 1960s, this ancient folk art has been lost along with most of our ancestors' folk traditions.

We wish to share them with you so that together we can exhume them.   

◄◄◄💀💀Swipe through these images of olde to see what's in store💀💀►►►►►

Join Candlelight Frights for an exclusive, immersive, interactive, participatory, historical 

handmade Hallow's Eve experience.  

Do something different this Hallowe'en. 

Exhume the long forgotten traditions of the ancients and your ancestors:

Fortune-telling Party Traditions Ghost/witch folk tales by candlelight Field & Farm Traditions

Creative Costume Contest Beer or Cider / Snacks Nutcrack Night Fire, Candle, & Nut Traditions

Haunted House Murder Mystery (each night) Learn How to Find Your True Love

After sunset candlelit neighborhood Halloween superstitions walk

VIP Premium Experiences: Historical exploration of Victorian-era practices and traditions surrounding the afterlife & finding true love

"I love Halloween and Halloween Parties.  I've probably been to several dozen all over this country.  Not only was this the best Halloween Party—actually it should be called an experience because it's so much more than a party—I've ever attended, but it was also one of—if not THE— coolest thing(s) I've ever done in my entire life.  It was well worth every penny, and I appreciate how much attention to detail and time went into everything by everyone!"  -Masked Participant 10/31/22 Following the Dumb Supper at The Void

Resurrect the folk art of crafting your own handmade papier-mâché mask and/or costume with Artisan Alley & Candlelight Frights

Wed Oct 11, Thurs Oct 12💀, & Fri Oct 13: 

Sat Oct 14: 

Sun Oct 15: 

À La Carte Prices:

Candlelight Frights $20

Mask Workshop $20

Costume Workshop $20

Bundle and save!  Any 2 for $30, all three for $45!

💀Costume sewing workshops at these times too 

(BYO Sewing Machine, Not Responsible for Damages)

Save the DATEs 

(Venue to be revealed 8/1/23 when tickets go on sale)

Wednesday, October 25-Tuesday October 31, 2023

Ticket Bundles w/ Allied Community Orgs:

 (bundle & save, get $5 off ticket price when you bundle: [$15 admission vs $20 admission])

6-9 PM: Candlelight experience $15 À La Carte

Both/And ($20 bundled [get $5 off both tickets!]) 💀 Or Pick & Choose either/or

9-11 PM: Allied Community events (to be announced) $15 À La Carte

Wed 10/25, 

Thurs 10/26, 

Sun 10/29, 

Mon 10/30

VIP Experience with Dumb Supper [more info]

premium Victorian Spiritualism Historical Demonstrations Included: 

9 PM-midnight ($30):  

Fri 10/27, 

Sat 10/28, 

& Samhain, Vertumnalia-Pomonalia, All Hallow's Eve, Halloweven, Hallowe'en 

(see next section): 

Tues 10-31-23

An the appointed eve, Samhain, Pomonalia (Vertumnalia), All Hallow's Eve, Halloweven, or Hallowe'en

Tuesday, October 31st, 2023

Family friendly Experience & Jack O Lantern carving contest 

(None of the scary historical spiritualism stuff, but all the fun party traditions, take your ghouls trick-or-treating then bring em by for some party tradition action & carving contest)

4-6 PM: $10 (BYOP/TT*)

*Bring your own pumpkin or turnip & carving tools OR buy one from us for $15

Hallow's Eve Early Experience

6-9 pm: $20

The VIP Experience: 

9 PM-midnight: $30

 (I) Dumb Supper [more info]  &

(II) premium Victorian Spiritualism Historical Demonstrations (included) 

(III) costume contest live voting 

includes participants from all nights 

(10/25, 10/26, 10/27, 10/28, 10/29, 10/30, 10/31)

Cast votes between 10-11 PM on 10/31 (link will be posted here)

Abandoned houses are the ideal spots for old-fashioned dumb suppers. SIMON WEBSTER / ALAMY

Abandoned houses are the ideal spots for old-fashioned dumb suppers. SIMON WEBSTER / ALAMY