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Micro-Blading brows provide natural hair stokes creating beautiful symmetry framing the face.



Machine work brows give the artist a number of different brow variations to offer to my clients.


Lip Blushing

Lip blushing is done with a machine. Candied Soul Body Bar does not provide this service to augment the shape of the lips. This service is to provide an even consistent color to the lips.


TouchUp Session

This service can be scheduled by anyone who has had work done by myself or any other Permanent Makeup Artist. Consultation Required.


Needleless Lip Filler

$179 per ampule

This procedure is performed with innovative medical-grade technology. It is painless and highly effective in achieving fuller more youthful-looking lips. This procedure is needleless and lasts 4-6 months for clients who follow all aftercare instructions. The serum we use is of premium quality created for all areas of the face.

Consider this treatment if you have

  • thinning lips due to age

  • superficial smokers lines

  • vitamin deficiency

  • had frequent sun exposure

All services require a phone screen and consultation

Needleless Face Lift

$179 per 50ml ampule

The needleless facelift is executed by identifying the areas of the face that have shifted with age or due to a number of other reasons. The facelift procedure uses the same technique as the "Lip Filler" procedure and also lasts up to 4-6 months. This service is painless and the client can see the effects immediately.

Consider this treatment if you

  • have forehead lines

  • eye-opening lines

  • want lifted cheeks

  • have deep nose-to-mouth lines

All services require a phone screen and consultation