Event cancellations are rare but they can and do happen.

Usually it will be forced upon us by extreme weather or flooding. The venue also has the right to stop an event going ahead if they feel that the conditions are not suitable.

Some of our venues, such as Ferry Meadows in Peterborough have a history of flooding, which adds to the risk of an event being cancelled but the most likely causes are high winds, ice and slippery surfaces.

In nearly all cases the ultimate reason for the event not going ahead on the scheduled day will be the safety of our runners and event staff.

If we have to cancel an event within a month of the scheduled event date, all event costs, such as the purchase of the technical t-shirts, medals, trophies, medical cover and venue fee will have been paid for and as such it will not be possible for us to refund entry fees, however we will do the following:

  • Endeavor to re-schedule the event at the same venue later on in the year. Your entry will automatically be transferred to the new event date. We will try and run the event as quickly as possible allowing for the recruitment of volunteers and venue availability.
  • If you cannot make the new date or for any reason we cannot reschedule the event, we will send your t-shirt and medal upon request.