Can A Felon Get A Passport

Can a Criminal Record Prevent Me from Getting a Passport?

Almost any person with a criminal record might question whether a previous conviction would mean it's not feasible to attain a United States passport. While not every convictions are an instant bar to going outside of the United States, you will find cases where Department of State might deny a passport to individuals with specific criminal convictions.

Reasons Why a Passport May Be Denied

A good reason which a passport could be denied is whether an individual has a criminal arrest warrant great, is on parole or probation, or even if there's a court order which prohibits anyone from making the United States. twenty two C.F.R. 51.60. The warrant would need to be recalled or maybe the court order lifted before someone can get a fresh passport.

Nevertheless, in some instances, a passport might be denied even with an individual has completed punishment and it is not under supervision. For instance, anyone that continues to be convicted of particular state or maybe federal felony drug offenses might be denied a passport in case anyone used a U.S. passport in the percentage on the offense or even crossed a worldwide border. twenty two C.F.R. 51.61. A misdemeanor drug conviction shouldn't stop a passport from being given.

Offenses Involving Controlled Substances

Offenses that could stop the issuance of a passport include some violation of the federal Controlled Substances Act or maybe the Controlled Substances Import and Export Act, and also any violation of state law which prohibits the possession, distribution, or maybe manufacture of controlled things. Consequently, most drug crimes can fall within this group if international borders have been crossed or maybe a passport was utilized. Additionally, the Department of State might refute a passport to the individual convicted of a violation or money laundering of the Bank Secrecy Act, if there's reason to think the offense was regarding violation of federal drug laws or state.

Appealing a Passport Denial

An individual that is denied a passport as a result of a felony conviction has the capability to consult the Department of State making an exception in an urgent situation or perhaps if there exist humanitarian factors that a passport needs to be offered. Nevertheless, an exception is wholly within the discretion of the authorities.

Regrettably, there's simply no expungement law for the kinds of federal offenses that could result in an individual actually being denied a passport. A pardon from the president is a function which might alleviate the impairment brought on by the conviction.

Possible Problems with the Country You intend to Enter

Additionally, several countries have needs that stop individuals with specific criminal convictions from getting into. Before booking overseas travel, it's vital that you look at the demands of every nation a person intends to go to, even if just passing through briefly. In many cases a criminal record which happened at the state level may be expunged, therefore which makes it unlikely that a nation would deny entry to an individual based on the criminal history of theirs. Expungement is able to take several months, therefore this step must be planned very well in advance.

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