Remote Camp 2020

Welcome to Camp Sunflower 2020!


We will start our kick-off shortly. Until then, feel free to watch this slideshow from year 1 and gay "hello" in the chat! (whoops, I meant "say hello")

1. Welcome and "Deep Thoughts With Camp Sunflower"

2. Camp Orientation with Finn

    • Please don't share the zoom link
    • For your name, please use the name you want to be called and your pronouns
    • Consider wearing earbuds for everyone's privacy and to avoid audio feedback
    • At the beginning of each session, we will define norms for that session (muting, hand-raising, etc.)
      • For this session, you should be on mute when you are not speaking, and please raise your hand to indicate you would like to speak and we will call on you.
    • You will receive text messages before each session. If you didn't receive one this morning, stick around after this session so I can get you added to the list.

3. Zoom on into Zoom with The Bard

4. What norms should we establish for this strange remote camp experience? with Jaye and Mom

4. Who Are All These Queers? with Shaggy

5. What's next? with Professor Kelso


Norms don't have to be normal. What do you need to feel safe this week? What agreements will make this the best remote camp experience you can have?

  • Call everyone by the name and pronouns they ask you to call them (see the zoom names for guidance)
  • Treating people with respect: not calling people out, don't be a JERK! Practice empathy: take the role of the person you're interacting with and ask yourself how you would feel.
  • HI KAT! Be considerate with phone use and distractions. It can be harder on zoom, so try your best! We want everyone to feel valued and heard.
  • What happens at camp stays at camp! Respect the privacy of others and honor the right of everyone to control who they share with.
  • Respecting people's rooms/homes. Know that this can feel uncomfortable for many. Let's give people room to have their camera on/off. Consider whether asking questions about setting might be intrusive.
  • Let's not judge people for where they are.
  • HI MOM! Conscientious use of chat box: let's use it for positivity, asking questions. If there is too much chat, it can distract from the actual session. DON'T BE AN UPSTAGER! <3 We will TELL YOU WHAT TO DO! ALL THE TIME!
  • PROF. KELSO! Try to be present and acknowledging that we are all at home and may need to step away. Let's trust that it isn't personal. Take care of yourself.
  • This list is ALIVE. It's ALIVE! We can add/modify/remove. Advocate for changes as they arise.



  • The Half of It
  • A Secret Love
  • Moonlight (check with an adult before watching)
  • asdf