What are the accommodations like?

Glad you asked! Camp Tawakoni is a nice, modern facility. The buildings, including the cabin we will be staying in, have air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and private showers. Our cabin has two bunk rooms that campers will be assigned to (you will not be separated in any particular way) and counselors will be staying in each bunk room. The bunk rooms have many more bunk beds than we will be using this year, so you will have plenty of space. The Camp Tawakoni website has some pictures of the Leadership Lodge where we will be staying. Although Camp Tawakoni has several cabins, Camp Sunflower will be the only camp at the site during our stay.

Is Camp Sunflower a church camp?

Great question! Camp Sunflower has been supported and developed by many community organizations including several open and affirming faith communities and leaders. For the first year, Camp Sunflower has also used the non-profit status of Pine Valley Christian Church. The camp itself is taking place at Camp Tawakoni, which is owned and operated by The Christian Church in Kansas. This camp is used throughout the year by many religious and secular organizations, including Camp Sunflower. Aside from those supports that have made this first year of Camp Sunflower possible, there are no religious connections to the camp itself. The programming and staffing for the camp were designed and selected independent from any religious considerations, and there will not be any religious components to camp. In short, folks of all religious and spiritual walks are welcome and celebrated in their views at Camp Sunflower. Come as you are!

What are the backgrounds of your staff?

That's an important question to ask! All of our staff members have been fully background checked and selected for their relevant experience with the LGBTQ+ community and/or youth. The camp director has many years of experience with directing camps, and 5 years experience directing another residential camp for LGBTQ+ teenagers. Our staff members have "regular jobs" as teachers, community organizers, LGBTQ+ advocates, nurses, and more. When you come to Camp Sunflower, you will find a staff diverse in personality, identity, and specialization with a singular commitment to creating a safe, welcoming, fun, and affirming space for LGBTQ+ youth to create community, explore identity, and have an awesome time!

How much does camp cost?

There are a number of costs associated with camp. We have been fortunate to receive the support of many generous Kansans who have helped to offset many of these costs. We ask those that are able to pay a fee to attend camp. There are scholarships available for those who need help.