Camp NoMoM

May 28-31, 2021

Mohican Outdoor Center

Welcome to Camp NoMoM 2021. This year, we're located on a beautiful glacial lake in the 70,000-acre Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. AMC’s Mohican Outdoor Center is an ideal retreat from the world’s cares. Stroll to nearby wetlands to spot the local wildlife, or hike the Appalachian Trail to magnificent views of the water gap. Or just splash or paddle in Catfish Pond and unwind.

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Tshirts & Hoodies

Yes, we are now taking orders for the 2021 Camp NoMoM Tshirts and Hoodies.

Camping Assignments


West: Callas, McCall, Pezella, Pizer, Rocco, Spoerl, Tomaccio

Indian Point: Bellew, Fernandez, Mixon, Spindler

Place Above: O'Brien, Schumm

Executive Suite: Blake, J. Duffey, McHugh

Place Beyond: Geer, J. Griffin, Kingsley, Visomirski

Group Campsite: Amorim, Fuelleborn, Ilsley, Madden, Mafla, Mascaro, McIntyre, Poirot, Ranson, Ritter, Wai


Woodland Cabin: Callahan

Stone House: McGettigan, Sulock

Larchview Cabin: Gifford, Wurst

Sunset Cabin: Steuber, Williams


Trails End Lodge: Abate, McGrath, McMahon, Michell, Siguenza

Blueberry Hill Lodge: Geehan, M. Griffin, Hill, Rosenzweig

Black Oak Lodge: Bartlett, Hackett, Lafferty, Loomis, Smith,

If you would like to change your camping assignment, it is up to you to work out a swap with another camper.


NOTICE: These tent sites are small and all sites are walk-in and have a shared or private fire ring. Bring smaller tents if you have the option, it's rocky, mountainous terrain and therefore difficult to find spaces for the larger tents. Campfires are allowed only in designated fire pits.

Privies and shared bear boxes (see bear warning below) are located a minimal distance away. The visitor center offers gathering space and a public fireplace, as well as showers.

Indian Point Campsites: Five walk-in sites. There is a maximum of 4 guests per site. Three sites have a tent platform and two sites are rustic ground sites. Shared picnic tables and campfire ring with pot-cooking grate.

Group Campsite: Accommodates up to 30 people and includes a campfire ring (no grate), open sided, roofed pavilion, and outdoor privy and bear box. There are 5 tent platforms, 3 small ground sites and 1 large ground site. This campsite is 1/4 mile from the parking lot.

West Campsites: Seven walk-in sites can accommodate 2-4 guests in one four-person tent or two two-person tents. Each site has a picnic table. There is a shared campfire ring with a pot-cooking grate.

Executive Suite: Accommodates 4-8 people, roughly three tents. Campfire ring and charcoal grill. Picnic table and bench. View of Catfish Pond from the top of Indian Point

Place Beyond: Accommodates 4-8 people, roughly five tents. Community fire pit nearby. Picnic table, bench, and charcoal grill

Place Above: Accommodates 4-8 people, roughly three small tents. Picnic table and bench, and charcoal grill. View of Catfish Pond from the top of Indian Point


Sunset View offers sleeping accommodations for up to six people, including two bedrooms and kitchen, heat, restroom, and shower year-round.

Woodland Cabin offers sleeping accommodations for up to four people and includes a small fridge, microwave, coffee maker, fans, and heaters, a double bed, and bunk bed. This cabin is ¼ mile from the parking lot. Please see a staff member for a 15 minute loading and unloading pass.

Larch View Cabin offers sleeping accommodations for up to eight people in two rooms. Each room has 4 bunks. Guests may rent one side or the whole cabin. Seasonal showers are available at the Dining Hall for $5 (April-October). This cabin is ¼ mile from the parking lot. Please see a staff member for a 15 minute loading and unloading pass.


Blueberry Hill and Black Oak Lodge offer sleeping accommodations for up to 16 people in multiple bedrooms, restrooms and showers, full kitchens for self service groups, and are heated. Blueberry Hill includes a fireplace for ambient heat.

Trails End Lodge offers sleeping accommodations for up to 16 people. Seasonal showers and restrooms are located at the Dining Hall (April-October). Accommodations include wood stove heat and a full kitchen with running water (April-October only). This camp is ¼ mile from the parking lot. Please see a staff member for a 15 minute loading and unloading pass.


Black bears have been known to peruse this camp. It is important that you follow these simple guidelines:

  • If you are tenting, store all your food in the provided bear boxes.

  • Don't eat or snack in your tent.

  • If you are staying in a cabin or lodge, keep all your food indoors.

  • Do not leave any food or drinks outside, especially overnight.

  • Keep a clean camp and only eat in designated areas such as the Rec Hall and Boathouse.


  • Bring a flashlight. This is a rustic campground and there are few lights, if any. It gets very dark here at night. You should equip everyone in your family with a flashlight.

  • Pack light. These camp sites are walk-in so if you're tenting, you don't want a lot of schlepping.

  • Small tents preferred. The tent areas are much smaller than we've had in the past so bring small tents if you have the option. A couple smaller tents might fit better than one large tent.

  • Bring a bike for the kids. There is one main gravel road through camp and a couple smaller dirt paths between tent areas.

Things to Do

  • Canoe or kayak on Catfish pond, boats are included free-of-charge

  • Go fishing in Catfish pond

  • Take a dip at the swimming beach

  • Hike the Appalachian Trial

  • Gather at Chimney park in the evening for campfire and guitars

  • Check out the visitor center and shop for trail guides, water bottles, etc.

  • Relax on the deck at the boathouse

  • Volleyball near Rec Hall

  • Bring your own lawn games

Dining Hall (Rec Hall)

In the northeast region of the map, this building is labeled as "Rec Hall." This is where we will host all meals. There are indoor tables and chairs as well as outdoor picnic tables. We will eat outside as much as possible, weather permitting.


Centrally located on the south shore of Catfish pond is the Boat House. Here you can pick up a canoe or kayak, hang out on the deck overlooking the pond, or hang out inside if the weather is bad.


If you're tenting, you can use the showers located on the east end at Rec Hall, or on the west end at the Visitor's Center. There are also showers located in the lodges and some cabins.


Campfires are only allowed in designated fire pits. There are four community fire areas at these locations (consult the site map): West Campsites, Indian Point, Chimney Park, and Place Beyond.