Camp LogJam requires many volunteers (Offers of Service) to be able to offer the excellent program that this camp has become known for. Offers of Service may volunteer for one or more camp dates.

Camp LogJam volunteers may be Scouts, Venturer Scouts, Rover Scouts, and Scouts Canada Leaders in any Section. Senior youth and adults who are not members of Scouts Canada will be considered for a volunteer Offer of Service positions. All non-members will be required to become registered with Scouts Canada, and may be required to pay a Scouts Canada registration fee ($50).

All Offer of Service volunteers at Camp LogJam must have been screened through the Scouts Canada screening process, or complete that screening process prior to camp. Training details and schedules will be provided to you following acceptance of your application.

Offer of Service applications will be reviewed by the Camp LogJam committee, taking into consideration the needs of each camp, what the applicant can offer to Camp LogJam, previous experience working with children within and outside of Scouting, and job preferences.

Note that Offers of Service pay a fee of $25 per person, with a maximum of $50 per family.

If you would like to volunteer at Camp LogJam, please complete the following steps;

Step #1. Complete the "On-Line Offer of Service Application Form" by clicking here.

Step #2. When the on-line form has been submitted, click here to download the Camp LogJam Offer of Service Registration Package and send it to the Scout Office with your $25 Offer of Service Fee (maximum $50 per family).