Camp Byng has great facilities for camping.

Camp LogJam will be based out of Haida Lodge at Camp Byng. Haida Lodge includes a large common room, a smaller lounge, and a fully-equipped kitchen. Other rooms in Haida Lodge are reserved for use by the staff running Camp LogJam (Offers of Service).

Near Haida Lodge there are 12 sleeping hulls. The sleeping hulls are wood buildings with tarpaulin roofs. Each sleeping hull sleeps 6 people on beds with mattresses. If you go to the Camp Byng website, you can see a photograph that includes sleeping hulls on the home page.

Adjacent to the sleeping hulls is a washroom building (called a KYBO) with flush toilets, sinks and showers.

In addition to the Haida Lodge, we will be using the common areas of Camp Byng, including numerous trails, the beachfront, and the low challenge course. There is lots to see and do at Camp Byng.