Scouters and Senior Scouting Youth Required

Registered Scouters and Senior Scouting Youth are needed to help run Camp LogJam!

Lodge Leaders:

We are expecting 40 Beaver Scout-aged children to be attending Camp LogJam.  The participants will be divided into five Lodges of eight participants per Lodge.  Two Lodge Leaders are required for each Lodge.  The Lodge Leaders would be Scouters (registered Scouting Leaders) and Senior Scouting Youth (Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts).  This is an exciting opportunity to work with a small group to youth who are having fun!

Camp Helpers:

In addition to the Lodge Leaders, we also need several Scouters and Senior Scouting Youth (Venturer Scouts and Rover Scouts) to help with the setup of the many activities at the camp.  This would include getting craft tables ready to go, running craft activities, clean up afterwards, running games and activities, and helping out wherever needed.  And generally having a lot of fun while doing all of this.

Advantages to being a Lodge Leader or Camp Helper at Camp LogJam:

To register as an Offer of Service Volunteer at Camp LogJam, complete the "Camp LogJam 2023 Offer of Service Application Form" that is found at the bottom of the Volunteering page of this website.

Note:  All Scouters attending Camp LogJam MUST have completed all requirements needed to become a Scouter, and be shown at "Active" in  All Senior Scouting Youth must be shown as "Active" in

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of the Camp LogJam Team!